Announcement - March 14, 2022

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Early Online Renewals for Next Year's
2023 Pate Swap Meet Are Live and Available NOW!

Because we now have the advanced features of PateOnline, we are able to offer online renews for your 2023 Pate Vendor Spaces -- starting RIGHT NOW! Yes, before the 2022 swap meet begins.

The dates of the next year's 2023 edition of the Pate Swap Meet will be April 27 - 29, 2023.

You can renew your 2023 Pate Vendor Spaces for next year online with a credit card starting now. We have made a simple (and very quick) expedited process for doing your renewals.

To perform your renewals, simply click the button below, log in to your Pate Vendor User Account and renew with a credit card or debit card. It only takes a minute or two and you're all done!

Online Renewals

After you have successfully renewed your Vendor Spaces for 2023, you will immediately get an itemized on-screen receipt for your renewal transaction as well as one that will be e-mailed to you

In addition to doing your renewals, you can also order your private personal toilets for your spaces next year at the same time.

Logging In For Renewals

You can log in to do your renewals with the e-mail address that you registered with your Pate Vendor User Account and your secret password.

If you have forgotten your password, simply click on the "Forgot Password?" link in the lower right corner of the log-in menu. The system will reset your password and immediately send you instructions to your registered e-mail address. Just follow the instructions in the e-mail. Resetting your password only takes a minute. If you don't receive your e-mail right away, please check your SPAM folder.

Early Renewals Will Give Us all More Time

After each Pate Swap Meet, there has always been a scramble by Vendors to perform their renewals during the short 30-day renewal season. It is a Pate tradition that Pate Vendors hold their places from year to year (some for decades) by renewing their spaces every year. This is VERY IMPORTANT for all of our Vendors.

Further, renewing with paper renewal forms using physical checks and money orders for payments is always a hassle, particularly if a renewal form and its money order are lost within the USPS mail stream. It is not only a real hassle it is also an expense to stop payment on the lost money order. But, the really disturbing thing is that a renewal lost in the mail never gets to us and therefore we don't know that the Vendor is trying to renew. It can also lead to a lost order and a missed renewal.

Using the advanced features of our new PateOnline system, we're going to take away the hassle and risk of lost renewals and make them easy to perform, quick to complete, and more secure by making them fully self-documenting and transparent.

You will be able to perform your renewals online in self-service mode 24x7 or you can always call the Registrar for a phone order during normal business hours. You will be able to pay for your renewals at the same time with a credit card or debit card.

Upon completion of your renewal transaction, you will get a detailed receipt instantly shown on your computer screen that you can print immediately via your web browser. Also, we will send you a copy of the receipt via e-mail the instant the transaction is complete. Finally, we will place a permanent electronic copy of the invoice and payment in the online Order History of your "My Account" page that you can access at any time. The detailed receipt will fully document your renewal with a secure timestamp.

Renewals will no longer be opaque and open-ended. Done online, everything is documented, instant, and performed in a controlled closed-loop system. The best feature is that your entire renewal process and documentation will only take a minute or two to complete with minimal typing.

The ultimate closing of the renewal season will remain June 6, 2022 (the final day of renewals AFTER our traditional 2-week grace period.)

By starting Renewals early, even before the 2022 Swap Meet, we going to provide an additional  38 days of renewals for a total of 84 days in our full Renewal Season. Overall, this will provide more than double the time we have to process all Renewals.

Early online renewals mean you can get your renewals perfected before leaving home for the swap meet or do your renewals at the swap meet itself.

We can do early renewals concurrent with live sales of the current swap meet because PateOnline operates two separate databases concurrently side-by-side (one for the current year and one for the coming year) so it is easy to keep everything straight.

We Will Be Doing the First Look Sale Again This Year

We will be doing our First Look Sale again this year.

At 12:01 am June 7, 2022, we're going to place all un-renewed Vendor Spaces up for sale to only valid Pate 2023 Vendors who have already renewed their spaces for 2023. This will be a repeat of last year's very popular and successful "Midnight Madness" where people stayed up late to purchase the first available spaces.

The un-renewed spaces available in the First Look Sale will be scattered all around the venue. In a typical year, it could be over 2,000 spaces available for the 2023 Pate Swap Meet. Pate Vendors can use the First Look Sale to move to better locations or expand their space sets when adjoining spaces become available. The First Look Sale gives re-newing Pate Vendors an exclusive opportunity to purchase available Vendor Spaces before we open unsold sales to the general public.

The First Call Sale will be open only to Pate Vendors who have renewed their spaces for the 2023 edition of the Pate Swap Meet.

The First Call Sale will last one full week.

Then, at 12:01 am on June 13, 2022, full normal sales will be opened to the general public.

Note Our Price Increase for 2023

We will be increasing the price of our Pate Vendor Spaces for the 2023 Edition of the Pate Swap Meet. Our price increase WILL NOT IMPACT this year's 2022 swap meet. Our current prices will stay in place for the duration of the 2022 event.

However, the price increase will apply to your renewals.

The price increase for typical Vendor Spaces will be $10.00 per space across all three of our pricing stages as detailed below.

Our new prices for all 2023 Renewals and for all 2023 New Space Sales will be:

If purchased before 1/1/2023

  • Regular Spaces = $55.00 per space:
  • Corner Spaces = $70.00 per apace
  • Vendor Midway Spaces (1 space) = $300.00 per space
  • Vendor Midway Spaces (2 space) = $500.00 per pair of spaces
  • Big Lot Spaces = $600.00 per space

If purchased after New Year and before the swap meet in April 2023:

  • Regular Spaces = $65.00 per space
  • Corner Spaces = $80.00 per apace
  • Vendor Midway Spaces (1 space) = $300.00 per space
  • Vendor Midway Spaces (2 space) = $500.00 per pair of spaces
  • Big Lot Spaces = $600.00 per space

If purchased at the gate during the Pate Swap Meet in April 2023:

  • Regular Spaces = $70.00 per space
  • Corner Spaces = $85.00 per apace
  • Vendor Midway Spaces (1 space) = $300.00 per space
  • Vendor Midway Spaces (2 space) = $500.00 per pair of spaces
  • Big Lot Spaces = $600.00 per space

Our price increase has been made necessary because all our suppliers have increased their prices for the 2022 swap meet and later. In order to not be disruptive to the 2022 swap meet, we are absorbing this year's price increases but we must raise our prices for 2023 and later.

Need Help?

If you need help with renewals or logging in, please use our "Contact Us" form. Also, be sure to provide a good telephone number to call you back.

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