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51th Pate Swap Meet
Get To Know Your My Account Page

All Pate Vendors have a private and secure Pate Vendor User Account on PateOnline that is protected by your secret password.

The central hub of your Pate Vendor User Account is your personalized "My Account" page. To access this page securely, please log in. Based only on your log-in identity, we will securely populate all of the important information about your Pate Vendor User Account. Only you will be able to view and/or update the information accessed through your My Account page.

If you haven't already visited the page you should do so now. You can use the page to update all of your account information and find helpful information about your Pate Vendor Spaces. Also, at the bottom of the page, all of your past orders will be shown in your Order History section.

Access Your My Personalized Account Page (login required)

Features and Functions

Please use this "My Account" page to complete and/or update your Pate Vendor User Account information. All of the information shown here is what the Pate Swap Meet uses to manage your account and interact with you. All of your records are now electronic, online and shown here. This includes your PateOnline information like e-mail addresses and passwords. Also included are your basic Contact information like addresses and phone numbers that we use to mail your Vendor Packets and to contact you. Please keep your records current and up to date. Access to all of our features for updating your User Account information can be found in the sidebar. Use the functions as often as you wish.

MY ACCOUNT LINKS: Use these links to update your basic critical information about you and your User Account.

MORE LINKS: We also include other links to various custom forms that we use with your User Account from time to time. All of your private Vendor Dialogs from your Pate Times Online visitors can also be accessed here!

PATE VENDOR SPACE MANAGEMENT: Also included are special functions that will help you view or manage your Pate Vendor Spaces. You can see all of the spaces currently registered to your User Account as well as and not-yet-completed Vendor Space Renewals if any. Finally, if you currently have Pate Vendor Spaces registered to your User Account, you can view your current Pate Times Online listings and update the information in your listings.

ORDER HISTORY: At the bottom of the page, all past online orders are listed and can be viewed and/or printed as needed. If you can't remember if you ordered something or not, simply check your Order History. Everything you have ordered since PateOnline went live on December 22, 2020, will be shown.

Be Sure To Use Your Main User Account

All Pate Vendors should have only one User Account to prevent confusion. Your Pate Vendor Spaces are registered to only your one main account. If you have set up more than one account, your other accounts won't be able to see your Pate Vendor Spaces. If you are confused by having set up multiple accounts, contact us and we'll help you clean up your account records. It only takes a few minutes.

Our Strong Recommendations

First, update your profile so we have good addresses and telephone numbers for you. This will ensure that we can send your Pate Vendor Packet out 30 days before the April Pate Swap Meet to the correct address and without problems. Also, be sure to provide good telephone numbers so we can reach you if needed and please include a cell phone number if you have one. It will help us send you SMS Text messages that are important and timely. We will use your contact information only as needed for your Pate Vendor business. We will NEVER sell, rent, loan or provide your information to any third party.

Second, update and expand your Pate Times Online listing. You can review your current listing (both your Vendor Card and your Vendor Detail Page) and edit the information as needed. Be sure to make full use of the Vendor Detail Page. Your full listing, with expanded text and pictures, will help visitors to find you at the swap meet and even through Google Organic Seach. Even if you have never used these features before, you will be presently surprised by how well they will work for you. Also, the information contained in the Pate Times Online database will be used for the paper printed edition of Pate Times that we distribute at the swap meet. Please make your listing as accurate and fulsome as possible.

Need Help?

If you need help logging in, please use our "Contact Us" form. Also, be sure to provide a good telephone number to call you back. 

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