Announcement - JuLY 16, 2020

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48th Pate Swap Meet
Pate Swap Meet Still On!

We have been fielding a few calls, e-mails and web conversations about the status of the Pate Swap Meet for October 1 - 3, 2020. In light of the amount of news coverage about COVID-19 up-tick, we thought it would be a good idea to send a general announcement to everyone as an update.

Yes, as far as we know at this time, the Pate Swap Meet is still a GO(!) as planned.

We are keeping a close eye on the medical data and monitoring the situation on a daily basis. We look at the reported public health medical surveillance system data on a daily basis. We also monitor all local, state and national government announcements as they are made. Several times per month, we seek input from medical experts to help us interpret the data and make sense of the situation. From all of this input, we synthesize an evolving and dynamic position of the status of COVID-19 and how it might impact the Pate Swap Meet and the health of our extended family of vendors, staff, volunteers and visitors.

Simply put, it is too early to cancel. The data is too equivocal and uncertain at this date. The number of cases is indeed up but so is the amount of testing being performed. There are some reported irregularities in the data being reported to the health agencies as well as unique social situations that have confused even the experts. Yes, without question, there is cause for concern and a need to continue to pay attention to the situation, but nobody is sure if the recent spike is the start of a long-term trend or if it will level out or decline. More time and more data will tell.

There are rumors (note: only rumors at this time) of localized short-term lockdowns being contemplated for July by some politicians but the rumors are mostly speculations. Also, there are some localized discussions about delaying face-to-face instruction in schools being delayed until the day after Labor Day in Dallas County. Here too, these are localized decisions and don't last beyond the first week of September. The net effect of all of this is more uncertainty.  To put everything in its proper context will require more time and more data.

Fortunately, for the Pate Swap Meet, there is still plenty of time to let the situation further develop and to make any needed decision to cancel between now and October. Plus, vendor packets aren't scheduled to go out until September. We're hoping the situation becomes much more clear in August.

Our plan has always been to keep an eye on the Texas medical surveillance data as it is publicly reported and then draw on the opinion of medical experts. Also, we're sure the governments (local, state and national) will be providing guidance for large gatherings such as the Pate Swap Meet. If we need to cancel because the data shows it will be wise, we will. If the government tells us to cancel through some new lockdown order, of course, we will. However, we are not at either of those points yet and fortunately still have many weeks before reaching either of those decision events even IF(??) they occur.

Absent definitive reasons to cancel, the Pate Swap Meet remains a GO!

So, we are all still waiting to see how the situation develops. We are cautiously optimistic but are keeping a watchful eye on the situation and are prepared to act as needed.

As always, we recommend that you use your own best judgment based on your personal health and your health risks as well as the ground truth at the time. Right now it is simply hard to predict what the ground truth might be this far in advance.

We will keep you informed.

Vendors: Check Out the New Pate Times Online

The Pate Times, the beloved printed paper directory of the Pate Swap Meet, now has an online electronic younger sister!

The new Pate Times Online will NOT be replacing its printed older brother. We're printing and distributing the same number of copies at the swap meet as always. However, we have something new! The new online version embraces and extends the capabilities and coverage of the printed version and adds several new and exciting features.

Pate Time Online is the first of several new technical services being made available to Pate Vendors in 2020 through our new website. We're excited to provide these new services to you in order to enhance your experience at the Pate Swap Meet as a valued member of our Vendor community. 

In Limited Preview Release Now

Pate Times Online is now in its Limited Preview Release for Vendors to see and edit their listings BEFORE we make the whole directory public at the end of July. If you are a registered Pate Vendor (and all Vendors who hold spaces for the 2020 Pate Swap Meet are indeed registered users on this system with username names and passwords), you can use your username and password to log in and edit your Pate Times Online listing and add expanded text and your own pictures shown within your listing.

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