Announcement - March 30, 2020

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48th Pate Swap Meet
Leadership Portal Access Completed

This message is to confirm that all members of the leadership team (at least those who we have e-mail addresses) have had their User Accounts provisioned and access credentials have been sent.

All should be able to access the Leadership Portal now: https://pateswapmeet.com/leadership-home

Also, you can access the portal through the "Portals" drop-down menu in the far right-hand side of the primary navigation (login required.)

In these times, with SPAM, SPAM-mitigation and SPAM filters, the final delivery of our messages and credentials are not always 100% certain. Since these messages and your access credentials were sent via separate servers, this is message is being sent as a confirmation.

If you have not received your credentials or were unable to gain access to the portal, please give me a call and I will fix any issue immediately:

Bill Anderton
(214) 684-5793

See the new website at PateSwapMeet.com

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