Announcement - June 2, 2020

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48th Pate Swap Meet
The October 1 - 3 Dates Are Still A Go!

As Texas goes past the halfway mark of its phased re-opening after the lockdown for COVID-19, officials of federal, state and local governments and their experts are keeping close eyes on the health metrics from around the state at a micro-scale. Everything is looking good for the next re-opening phases that are scheduled for several weeks out in the early summer.

As best as anyone can tell right now, we are a "go" for the full Pate Swap Meet, as planned, for our October 1 - 3, 2020 dates.

Hershey Has Been Canceled

Last Thursday evening, May 28th, the AACA Hershey Region Executive Board announced publically that the 2020 Hershey Fall Meet has been canceled.

Since the Hershey Fall Meet was scheduled to occur the week after our recently-rescheduled October dates of the Pate Swap Meet, the Hershey Region AACA announcement has naturally triggered a lot of our vendors and visitors to inquire about our status. We are making this announcement to let everybody know about our status so there is no misunderstanding. 

To repeat the headline above: we are still a "go" for our October 1 - 3, 2020 dates!

Our Local Conditions Are Good

In summary, the outcomes between Hershey and Pate are different because our local conditions are different. The local conditions for COVID-19 in Texas and our region are much better than in Pennsylvania and its region. The local conditions in Texas and particularly in Tarrant and Denton Counties (the immediate area around the venue) are very good as reported by our state and local health agencies.

Re-openings in Texas continues to expand. The phased re-opening plan in Texas is subject to the "ground-truth" of various monitored health statistics collected and reported by local health agencies. As long as the monitored health metrics remain within their proper bounds and trend in the anticipated direction, protocols will be further loosened and re-openings will be expanded.

In general, most of Texas hit the 50% capacity limits last week with some institutions were allowed to go to 100% of capacity. It is anticipated that most of the state will be back to normal in June or early July at the latest (subject to future evaluation.) Texas Governor Greg Abbott has stated publically that he expects Texas public schools to open on-time for their Fall term in mid-August.

Unless the government institutes another lockdown because of some unexpected turn in the monitored health metrics, the Pate Swap Meet will be conducted on October 1 - 3, 2020 as planned.

We do NOT anticipate the need to cancel!

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