Announcement - September 26, 2020

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48th Pate Swap Meet
The Pate Swap Meet is Postponed

By now, we hope you know about the necessary postponement of the October Pate Swap Meet to April 2021. If not, please see the brief information below and click the button at the bottom of this page or click here for complete information. We are now doing the transition to get ready for the new dates and rollover the October spaces to the April event for Pate Vendors.

Pate Vendors currently holding space orders for the October event may rollover their spaces to the April Pate Swap Meet. If you are a Pate Vendor with a space order(s) and have not yet done so, please let us know your intentions by completing the form by clicking the button below.

Click Here To Rollover Your Vendor Spaces

If you do NOT wish to rollover your spaces for the next swap meet, any Pate Vendor who wishes to cancel their spaces orders will receive a refund. If you wish to cancel your space order, please complete the form (at the button above) above PLUS call our Registrar, Ms. Gail Moore, at  (713) 649-0922 to confirm your cancellation and make final arrangements.

Postponement Until April

We deeply regret the need for the postponement.

When the initial government restrictions were imposed and forced the postponement of the Pate Swap Meet from March to October, we had good reason to believe that we could conduct a safe swap meet in October. We had made our plans to cope with the threat of COVID-19 and still have a safe event. Unfortunately, the spike in COVID-19 cases that started in June and peaked in July threw a wrench into our plans. During this spike, crowd-size restrictions were temporarily reimposed in the plans to open Texas. While the health statistics in Texas have greatly improved and are continuing to do so, the numbers haven't dropped fast enough or to a level that has convinced the Governor of Texas to lift the restrictions yet.

We have talked with officials from the Texas Motor Speedway and were informed that, due to the restrictions not being lifted or relaxed, the Speedway was forced to cancel all outdoor activities for the month of September being held at the Speedway. The currently-in-force restrictions limit gatherings to ten people or less and that means that our set-up volunteer crews could not begin their usual set up during the last seven days in September as we needed in order to be ready for the Pate Swap Meet to open on October 1st. Further, in order to hold the event starting on October 1st, we have to make firm contractual commitments to the Speedway and our suppliers by September 1st and begin the distribution of Vendor Packets. Unfortunately, we face the immediate deadline and were therefore forced to postpone.

Although the health statistics in Texas continue to improve we DO NOT envision the Governor of Texas lifting or relaxing these restrictions by our September 1st deadlines or even in the coming weeks in time for us to hold the swap meet in October. This forces us to postpone our October event.

However, the Pate Swap Meet will return at our regular April dates in 2021. The next Pate Swap Meet will be April 29, 2021, through May 1, 2021. The move-in and set-up date for Pate Vendors will be Wednesday, April 28, 2021.

We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience this postponement may cause.

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