Announcement - March 19, 2021

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50th Pate Swap Meet
One-Year Move To The East Side of TMS

The Pate Swap Meet is moving from our traditional spot at the Texas Motor Speedway to the east side of the track. We are only moving 900-yards. This is a one-year-only temporary move and we will return to our regular site in 2022.

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We are loaning our regular spot where we would normally conduct the Pate Swap Meet to the Denton County Vaccine Hub that is currently operating at Texas Motor Speedway. This Vaccine Hub is literally the largest in the country and has become the model for smooth and efficient operations. Currently, the Hub is vaccinating over 10,000 people per day and may expand soon as more vaccines become available.

We are doing our civic duty for the good of public health so the Vaccine Hub can remain in full operations during the week of the Pate Swap Meet. Otherwise, the Vaccine Hub would have to close for seven to ten days and that could delay more than 100,000 vaccines being administered. With this one-time temporary relocation, the Pate Swap Meet is gladly making its small contribution to ending the COVID-19 in North Texas and helping our neighbors become protected. 

The Move Has Been Planned and Fully Execute

We only learned about the need for the move late in the afternoon on March 5, 2021. Later that evening, we began making an initial site plan using online satellite imagery. Early the next morning, we met with officials of Texas Motor Speedway to discuss our plans, coordinate our actions and perform a walk-through of the proposed area. By late Saturday night, we had a detailed site plan. By 3 a.m. Sunday morning, our technical team began to execute our site plan in the PateWorld geographic system and its integral databases. Working straight through the week on a crash-basis, by Saturday morning March 13, 2021, exactly one week after learning about the need for the relocation, our move plan was completed, our GIS and its databases updated and we announced the move while simultaneously going online with interactive maps, a map-based space locator and full e-commerce sales of the new spaces.

The new site plan for the temporary venue on the east side of the Speedway consists of almost 350-acres or 15-million square feet of space.

The layout of the Pate Swap Meet, as translated to the east side of TMS, will NOT be an identical copy or mirror image of our operation on the west side of the Speedway.

Even with the best and most-meticulous planning, there will be differences. Some zones had to be broken down into their individual constituent blocks and fit into the patchwork-quilt areas. Only about 45% of the swap meet is on asphalt and the remainder of the gravel-and-grass parking lots of the Speedway.

We knew going in that the layout of the new site wasn’t going to be a mere copy of our traditional site. The differences in the venue were too great for the new site to match identically: (1) different sizes, (2) different geometry, (3) not contiguous but a “crazy-quilt patchwork of areas, (4) lack of long streets and avenues, (5) an arc layout vs straight rectangles. Adding further complexity to the new layout, some of the areas “roads” and pathways were aligned north-to-south and others east-to-west.

We made the best fit possible while translating Pate Vendor Spaces from the west side to their new locations on the east side. We had to fit each section of the Pate Swap Meet as best as we could. I likened the exercise to playing cut-out paper dolls. In a couple of zones, we could pretty much fit entire zones into the new areas largely intact. For other zones, we pretty well had to cut apart the zone.

Although different from the past, as we hope you can see on our Space Selector map, the resulting layout will allow us to have a great Pate Swap Meet. 

There was also some considerable good news about the move. Concurrent with the relocation work, the overall area is larger so we were able to add more than 1,000 new expansion Vendor Spaces. We had to close online sales last weekend because we had sold all but ~400 spaces. With the move, we have been able to add these additional expansion spaces and pre-stage even more if needed.

Also, as an artifact of being on the east side of the Speedway, for the first time, the Pate Swap Meet has public visibility to people passing by on Interstate 35W.

We Know You Will Have More Questions

We're sure you have plenty of questions that are not addressed here, yet. Please stay tuned. New information will be added throughout the coming week. We have developed a set of "Talking Points" for various people involved with the Pate Swap Meet to provide guidance about how to talk about the relocation to the east-side of the track.

Click here to download the PDF file.

Sales Are Brisk

In the last five days since we announced the move, we have added more than 80 new Pate Vendors to the Pate family and sold over 300 new Vendor Spaces.

With just over a month to go before the Pate Swap Meet, we have already sold more Vendor Spaces than ever before. Sales have been brisk. If you normally buy your spaces onsite at-the-gate, you might consider preregistering online this year while good spaces are still available. There may not be much of a selection remaining by the time you arrive at the Registration Building at the swap meet.

The Updated Space Selector Is Online

The new Space Selector map is available to you and is operational in all respects. You can see all available Vendors Spaces, select, configure and complete your Vendor Space Order with a credit card or debit card. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Browse the New Space Selector

The Space Selector includes the new 1,000 newly-available expansion spaces that can be selected and purchased immediately.

Check the Location of Your Spaces In the New Area

If you are an existing Pate Vendor with a Pate Vendor User Account, we have upgraded the "My Spaces" report to include a smart map that will put green pushpins on the PateWorld map to show the exact location of your spaces. There is nothing to set up or configure. Only logging in is required. The map will default to showing the total venue so you can see your Vendor Spaces in context. But, you can zoom in as close as an individual space and/or pan around the map as desired.

Check the Location of Your Spaces


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