Announcement - March 2, 2021

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50th Pate Swap Meet
The pate Swap Meet Is Happening!

We hope you saw our announcement last Saturday that the Pate Swap Meet is definitely happening. We are repeating the announcement again today to make sure the word gets out to everyone.

The 50th Pate Swap Meet on April 22 - 24th is a go; there is no future risk of a postponement due to the Texas Emergency Orders for the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we were certain that the Texas Emergency Orders would be relaxed and the State of Texas would open enough to allow the swap meet, there was a risk that it might not happen. The currently-in-force Emergency Orders from Texas Governor Gregg Abbott limites the size of events to ten people unless granted a waiver by the mayor of the presiding city.

To eliminate any risk an additional postponement, we applied for a waiver for our event from the presiding jurisdiction which is the City of Fort Worth. To facilitate getting a waiver, we developed a 61-page Pate Swap Meet COVID-19 Health Protocol and submitted it to the City of Fort Worth along with our formal application.

Last Saturday, we announced that we have officially received a formal waiver from the Mayor of the City of Fort Worth that insures that the Pate Swap Meet will indeed occur as planned without further risk of a government-imposed cancelation or postponement despite the State of Texas remaining under Emergency Orders.

The wavier approves our Pate Swap Meet COVID-19 Health Protocol to serve as the principal guidelines for conducting the Pate Swap Meet, As such, our event will be conducted in full accordance with the processes and procedure detailed in the Protocol.

The formal notification we received provides all of the necessary documentation of our waiver and no further action will be required on our part to proceed with our event.

This is an important and significant milestone for the 2021 Pate Swap Meet. With the waiver in hand, it means that our event will definately occur as planned.

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Less Than 700 Spaces Left

Out of approximately 8,500 Vendor Spaces, we only have less than 700 spaces that are currently available. We're over 90% sold out with 50 days left before the start of the Pate Swap Meet.

There are still good spaces available but you need to act quickly, even today!

You can securely order Vendor Spaces online, right now! It only takes a few minutes. You can browse the remaining available spaces, select the spaces you wish, configure their layout and securely pay for your selections online with a credit card or debit card.

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Not "Online?" Use Our Classic Registration Instead

If you still want to work with our Registrar, simply call or write Carolyn Piersol and she will enter your order into the system on your behalf functioning as your agent. You are not required to use our new PateOnline system unless you wish. Click the button below for details.

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Commercial Spaces Are Still Available

If you are a Commercial Vendor and selling new parts, we still have some spaces available in our new Manufacturers Midway area. These are premium jumbo spaces measuring 25' x 50' and are reserved for manufacturers, distributors, dealers or vendors selling only new parts. If you are interested in these commercial spaces, please contact us using the button below and a commercial-spaces representative will contact you.

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