Announcement - November 6, 2020

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PateOnline Leadership Briefing

As discussed in the Board of Director's meeting last week, we have been developing a new comprehensive online system for the Pate Swap Meet. The work includes not only the new responsive website that went online in March and we all have been using but also an online vendor space selector, an e-commerce system for renewing and selling spaces online plus various ancillary vendor-support subsystems that are brand new.

The work has been completed, tested and is currently being deployed in the next few weeks. The technical heart of the system, the vendor space e-commerce system for space renewals and new space sales, are ready to deploy during the October Pate Swap Meet.

Bill Anderton, the architect, designer and development-team leader of PateOnline, has made a series of confidential comprehensive video-of-demand presentations to fully describe the background of the system, its development, operations and its implications for the future and the growth of the Pate Swap Meet.

These presentations will completely document the analysis and the development work done for the new online systems for the Pate Swap Meet. The presentations will be delivered in two types:

  1. The short-form executive summary - a 53-minute overview and demonstration of the working system delivered in 12 chapters.
  2. A long-form seminar series - a comprehensive and in-depth four-part series of presentations totaling almost four hours of material.

For the majority of the audience, the short-form executive summary will likely suffice. For others wanting more details, the long-form versions are provided. Viewing the long-form presentations is highly recommended but optional depending on your desire for details; viewing the details is your individual decision.

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All five presentations have been installed for viewing in the Leadership Portal of the Pate website. As always, your personal login credentials (username and password) will be required to access the Leadership Portal and these presentations. If you have forgotten your password, when the login menu appears, in the lower-right corner of the login menu there will be a link labeled "Password?" Click on the link and follow the on-screen directions. The system will immediately reset your password to a new temporary one and e-mail it to your registered e-mail address. It only takes a few seconds and can be done 24x7.

If you have issues logging in, please call Bill Anderton at (214) 684-5793 for assistance or use the Contact form.

At a date and time to be determined in the near future (the next week or two), Bill will host a Zoom session for a live Q&A session to discuss his presentations. Please view the presentations in advance so you can frame your questions for discussion.

As always, both before and after the Zoom session, please use the Leadership Forum in the Leadership Portal for any questions or discussions you wish. All members of the Leadership Portal will be able to see the discussions and join in. Bill has set up a "thread" in the forum for this purpose and you can add your comments, discussions and questions at any time. Using the Leadership Forum, you can have your questions answered without waiting for the Zoom session, even today. All members of the Leadership Portal are invited to participate.

Like all of our video deliveries, viewing is "appliance simple" and fully automatic, simply navigate to the page and click the "Play" button.

All five presentations (the short-form executive summary and the four long-form seminars) are delivered online using our Adaptive Streaming techniques in the HLS format in four speeds and spatial sizes from 1.4-mbps to 8.8-mbps (full-HD in 1080p). The greater the bandwidth you have, the greater the video quality that will be streamed to you. The media player embedded on each page will automatically and dynamically adjust the playout speed of each video every nine seconds for the best user experience for your device and connection and also adjust for any network "brownouts" (temporary slow-downs) that your connection experiences during sessions. Using the "full-screen" viewing option is recommended. All you need is an Internet browser and a broadband connection. Viewing on a high-definition full-size monitor is recommended but NOT required.

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