Announcement - June 3, 2021

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51th Pate Swap Meet
Time Is Running Out! But, you can Still Renew your pate Vendor Spaces During Our Grace Period

It been our long-standing tradition (for decades) to provide an official "grace" period after our June 1 Renewal Deadline so every Pate Vendor has an adequate opportunity to renew their spaces (and receive any outstanding USPS mail) before losing the renewal right to their spaces.

We are now in the third day of our grace period for all 2022 Pate Swap Meet Renewal.

This is your last chance. All renewals MUST be completed by close-of-business at 6:00 PM Central Daylight Time on June 14, 2021. If there are extenuating circumstances, special arrangements can be made with the Registrar prior to that time. All renewal rights for un-renewed spaces will expire at that time and Vendor spaces that are have not been renewed, or special arrangements made, will go on sale to others starting at 12:01 AM Central Daylight Time on June 15, 2021.

If In Doubt, Please Check Your Renewal Status

Please note that if you have successfully renewed your spaces either online or via USPS mail, you should have received an itemized and detailed e-mail receipt confirming your transaction.

All incoming USPS mail that we have received as of 6:00 PM, June 2, has been processed and e-mail receipts sent out. All online renewals are processed in real-time and the e-mail receipts sent out within seconds of completing the transaction. In other words, everything we have received as of now has been processed and receipted.

If you mailed your renewal to the old P.O. Box in Pearland, the mail forwarding is now working well. We have received all past mail and it has now been processed. All new inbound mail from Pearland is being forwarded regularly to the new address in Dallas with about a five-day delay. For almost all reports of delayed mail have been received before last Friday, the mail has now been received, processed and the reports cleared. Currently, we have only six reports of missing mail yet to be received. We have made special arrangements for each of those six Vendors to protect their spaces until the mail arrives or until a replacement renewal order can be made.

If you have not yet seen your receipt, first, please check your SPAM folder in your e-mail reader. You may already have it waiting for you there.

If you still can't find your receipt, you can also check online at any time in the "Order History" section of your "My Account" page (login required). Copies of all of your orders are permanently saved there and can be viewed and printed.

My Account Page - Login Required

You can also check on the status of your spaces using the process described below. Our real-time Pate Vendor Space Database is online and can be checked in self-service mode at any time. It is accurate to the moment it is viewed.

If your spaces are not listed, it means that we have not yet received your renewal. If this occurs, please contact the Registrar by phone or by our Contact Us form at the button shown below at the bottom of this page. The Registrar can immediately deal with any issue and preserve your spaces as long as we receive a report of any issue.

How To Confirm Your Mail-in Renewal

You can proactively check the status of your renewal online at any time. Your Pate Vendor Spaces will show in one of two places; (1) the already renewed list on "My Spaces"; and (2) the pending renewal list.

If your spaces have already been renewed (which means we have received your mail), they will show up on your "My Spaces" report. See your report by clicking the button below.

My Spaces with Map Report - Login Required

If all of your spaces are listed on this report, you are fully renewed and you're good. No further action is required on your part. Also, you will see your completed renewal order in the "Order History" section at the bottom of your "My Account" page at https://pateswapmeet.com/my-account (login required.)

If you show no spaces on the report above (and no processed order in your Order History), it means we have not yet received your renewal in the mail or completed online order and therefore no renewal order has been processed.

If we have not yet received your renewal online or by mail, your spaces will show up as still awaiting (pending) renewal. To see any pending renewals, click the button below.

Pending Renewals - Login Required

If your spaces still show on your pending-renewals page, the page contains a green "Renew" button that will allow you to renew your spaces 24x7 until close-of-business at 6 PM Central Daylight Time on June 14, 2021.

Simply follow the instructions below.

Both pages shown via the two buttons above are updated in real-time and are accurate to the moment they are viewed or refreshed.

If your spaces do not show up on either page, you very likely have inadvertently set up multiple User Account and are not currently logged into your primary Pate Vendor User Account. If so, check with the Registrar using the Contact Us button at the bottom of this page.

Renew Online

If you haven't yet completed your renewal for your 2022 Pate Vendor Spaces, take a couple of minutes and do it all online.

It is easy and quick. It is also highly secure and safe.

We have two ways to see your pending renewals: (1) a list view; and (2) a map view. Both work equally well so use either one that you prefer.

The first method is the "list view." To renew your spaces online, click on the button below and log into your Pate Vendor User Account. Once on the "Renew" page, inspect your list of spaces and click the green button shown on the Renew page to add your spaces to a Shopping Cart and then check out with a credit card or debit card.

List View - Online Renewals - Login Required

The second method, alternatively, if you like visuals, you can also see your spaces in their context in the interactive map of our traditional west side venue. Once logged in, the page at the button below will show your spaces for renewal with red bounding boxes around all of them. The map will initially show the full venue for context but you can zoom and pan the map as desired. When ready, click the green button to move your spaces into a Shopping Cart for Checkout.

Or, Map View - Online Renewals - Login Required

In both methods, be sure to log into your Pate Vendor User Account to do your renewals. If you set up multiple accounts in PateOnline at some time in the past, your Pate Vendors Spaces will only be registered into your one Pate Vendor User Account and no other; use that account only. Your other secondary accounts will NOT show your Vendor Spaces for renewal. If you need us to clean up multiple accounts to prevent confusion or do other user account maintenance, please use the "Contact Us" form on the website or use the "Contact Us" button below.

You can log in with the e-mail address that you registered with your Pate Vendor User Account and your secret password. If you have forgotten your password, simply click on the "Forgot Password?" link in the lower right corner of the log-in menu. The system will reset your password and immediately send you instructions to your registered e-mail address. Just follow the instructions in the e-mail. Resetting your password only takes a minute. If you don't receive your e-mail right away, please check your SPAM folder.

Using either view you wish using either of the two buttons above (list view or map view), simply click on the green button on either page to add your spaces to a Shopping Cart. Once in the Shopping Cart, you can add a personal private toilet to your Shopping Cart if you wish. Then, when ready to pay, proceed to Checkout to use a credit card or debit card.

After you have successfully renewed your Vendor Spaces for 2022, you will immediately get an itemized on-screen receipt for your renewal (you can print it out if desired) as well as one that will be e-mailed to you. Also, your "My Spaces" report (available on your "My Account" page) will be instantly updated after the transaction.

The whole online renewal process only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Need Help?

If you need help with renewals or logging in, please use our "Contact Us" form. Also, be sure to provide a good telephone number to call you back.

Contact Us For Support or Questions 

Also, you may call us at (817) 608-7293 between 9 AM and 6 PM, Monday through Friday. Please note that we anticipate that phone traffic will be very heavy for the next two weeks. If you call and get our voicemail, please leave a message. We are likely currently speaking with someone else but we will return your call as soon as possible. All calls will be returned. If you get our voicemail, please consider using the Contact Us form at the button above.

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