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Mar 25

Texas Motor Speedway VIP Campground Will Be Available

For the first time, the Texas Motor Speedway will be making its VIP Campground available to 2020 Pate Swap Meet attendees.


Emerald Luxury Coaches VIP Campground spots come with a number of special perks including an oversized paved spot, a prime location near the main grandstand, proximity to restroom and shower facilities, and electricity and water hook-ups.

Please note that the offering of the VIP Campground does NOT(!) replace the regular campground which will still be available. 


20’ x 45’

Available Amenities

Access to bathroom/shower facility, electric and water hook-ups, 24-hour security.


Emerald Luxury Coaches VIP Campground area is located between Allison Avenue and Labonte Lane on the South end of the track.

What's Included

Camping spot and two stickers for parking, one for your RV/trailer and one for your tow vehicle, one free waste disposal.

Texas Motor Speedway Camping Rules & Regulations

See the PDF file

Camping Fee

$35.00 per night paid directly to the Texas Motor Speedway.

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Where do i reserve a VIP camping spot?
Added by Bill Anderton

I will confirm with David but I don't think a reservation will be required. It is a very big space. There will be a guard at the gate who will collect the fee. I will get David to pop in here tomorrow to confirm.
Added by

Has there been ant additional information put out on reserving a spot in the VIP camping at this time?
Added by Bill Anderton

Please note that VIP Campground does NOT require a reservation. This is a very big place, large enough for a full NASCAR race weekend. There will be plenty of spots. Simply show up and pay the guard at the gate.
Added by cadillacjacques

Checking to see if there was an update on reservations on VIP campsites?
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