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Mar 23

The New Pate Website Is Online

When the decision was made to postpone and reschedule the Pate Swap Meet, we made the decision to accelerate the deployment of our new website. Originally, the deployment wasn't supposed to occur until April 27th. Fortunately, we were are enough along with the work to deploy almost six weeks early.

The new Pate website went live on Wednesday evening, March 18, 2020 at 9:00 p.m. CDT.

To achieve making the site live, we did have to deploy with less new content and fewer new applications than we had planned. But this will be just temporary. We went live with what we had, although less than perfect, and will add new things progressively as we go.

The rationale for our haste is to be able to provide a greatly enhanced platform to facilitate better and faster communications with the various stakeholders of the Pate Swat Meet.

Please note that in our rush to go live, we did not cut ANY corners on either the technology platform itself, our engineering or its creative design. The platform integrates not one but two highly-robust cloud-computing systems for our front-end and back-end subsystems. Both feature massive connectivity and security. The platform is operated by our own proprietary content management system (CMS) that runs all facets of the website (the public pages, member pages and private pages) as well as our upcoming space management GIS system and e-commerce functions. We are actively developing software for new features and functions for the Pate Swap Meet that will be ready shortly.

Please pardon our evolving platform. We have exciting applications and big developments just around the corner. Our web team is currently working double shifts to finish the platform as soon as possible.

Very soon, we will post a background story about our new platform and its advanced capabilities.

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