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Apr 15

The Registration Building

The Registration Building and Will-Call Pick Up at the Pate Swap Meet

If you do not purchase your Vendor Spaces and/or Car Corral Tickets online or via telephone orders in pre-registration, you can come by the Registration Building at the Pate Swap Meet for "at-the-gate" purchases.

Vendor Spaces and Car Corral Tickets will be available! Nobody will be turned away. Ya'll come!

We have pre-staged sufficient expansion spaces to serve all Vendors.

Will Call Operations For Late Purchases

If you purchased your Pate Vendor spaces or Car Corral tickets after March 30, 2021, your Pate Vendor Packet and/or Car Corral tickets will be held at Will Call in the Pate Registration Building off Victory Circle at Texas Motor Speedway for personal pick up.

Will Call will open at 7 a.m. on the morning of Wednesday, April 21, 2021, and will feature expedited ways to get your Vendor Packets.

Look for the "Will Call" signs and/or the Pate Volunteers directing traffic around the Registration Building.

If you have a Pate Vendor Packet being held at will call, we will send you a confirming e-mail on Sunday evening April  18, 2021, to let you know.

Missing Your Vendor Packet?

All other Vendor Packets (other than those purchased after March 30, 2021) were mailed about three weeks ago. You should have received them by now.

However, we have received a handful of reports that some Vendor Packets have apparently been misdelivered.

If you have have NOT RECEIVED your Vendor Packet, please let us know by starting a "Contact Us" Conversation by clicking the link below.

We will make a replacement packet and have it ready for you to pick up at Will Call. We will confirm in an e-mail that we are making a replacement Vendor Packet for you to pick up.

Contact Us About a Missing Vendor Packet

If you DID receive your Vendor Packet and its Vehicle Stickers for your Vendor Spaces, you can proceed directly to your spaces by entering Lone Star Circle from Labonte Lane off Hyw 114 and proceeding to the Vendor Entrance at Lone Star Circle and Earnhardt Avenue. If there is a line awaiting entry, you will queue along Lone Star Circle.

Finding the Registration Building

The Registration Building is located off Victory Circle just east of Labonte Lane.

The parking lot immediately in front of the Registration Building has dual approaches via two separate driveways at each end of the lot. If you are driving long trailers or large motorhomes, you can park in the outside parking lot near the Souvenir Building if you think that cannot make the turns into the parking lot in front of the Registration Building. 

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