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Apr 07

We're Nearing a Sell Out

We're Now Able To Open Pre-registration Again and It Will Stay Open throughout the Swap Meet

Great news: in the last 24 hours, we have been able to secure lots of additional expansion spaces for the 2021 Pate Swap Meet. We have now created so many new expansion spaces that we will NOT run any reasonable risk of selling out during the swap meet.

The working premise from now until the end of the 2021 Pate Swap Meet will be "NOBODY WILL BE TURNED AWAY! Ya'll come and we'll serve you. Everybody gets spaces!!"

We now have a sufficient inventory of expansion spaces that we will NOT have to close pre-registration again. You can buy your spaces online right up to the swap meet and also even through it. All Pate Vendors who order from this point forward will pick up their Vendor credentials at our "Will Call" operation located in the Registration Building at the swap meet. Vendor Packets will be available shortly after Orders are processed through Checkout.

Therefore, online sales can restart immediately and will stay in operations for the duration.

Go To Our Online Space Selector

Order Online or In-Person In the Registration Building at the swap Meet

Don't like standing in lines? Buy online and pick up your Pate Vendor credentials in our expedited Will Call.

Don't like computers or buying online? Come to the Registration Building in person and buy your spaces from the registration staff.

It is always your choice. We are doing both methods to meet your needs.

Expansion Spaces WIll Be Added in Waves

Rather than wait to add the new expansion spaces all at once and possibly delay reopening online sales, we will be adding the new expansion spaces in logical sections. We will immediately open sales with the 795 Open spaces currently in our inventory and add expansion spaces as we get them processed into our PateWorld geographic information system (GIS) starting Friday.

Coming Soon: New One-Year Sales Contracts

New for this year, we will be selling special One-Year Sales Contracts for all spaces normally occupied by long-time Pate Vendors who are doing a Rollover this year or participating in our One-Year Swap program for the 2021 Pate Swap Meet. The spaces that are offered in our One-Year Sales Contract program are in some very attractive space locations but do NOT come with renewal rights. The spaces can only be used this year for the 2021 Pate Swap Meet.

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