PateOnline for Space Sales:
Secure Real-Time Self Service.

See The New Pate Online System

Introducing PateOnline

The PateOnline system is a highly-secure, real-time e-commerce system for selecting and securing your Vendor Spaces for the Pate Swap Meet. Available to you 24x7x52. 

Also, PateOnline is an addition to our tradition of high-quality Vendor services. You can still call our Registrar to make your purchases or even submit our traditional paper form. We will support you equally well through all methods. Remember, PateOnline still has people behind it. PateOnline is available all of the time, enhanced by a live real-time map of all available spaces, but it is merely to facilitate Pate people supporting you as always.

Have a look and try it out by selecting some spaces and adding them to a Shopping Cart.

Select and Configure Any Available Space

The whole process is shown below in pictures BUT please actually exercise the system. I would like to have the traffic as a final test.

You can select and configure ANY "open" space not currently sold to a real live Vendor.

Also, if you do start and then abandon a Cart, you will see our automatic business rules kick in to release spaces back to the "Open" pool for both the Selection Hold and the Checkout Hold. The  Checkout Hold places any spaces in an abandoned Cart back into the "Open" pool after 20 minutes.

The whole step-by-step procedure is shown below in pictures so you know what to expect.

The Process In Pictures - Step 1: Browse Available Spaces

This process shows all open spaces in real-time that are available for purchase. All available spaces are shown in green. The Selector Page starts in the "whole venue" view to get the lay of the land. The map can be steplessly zoomed in/out and panned left/right and up/down. Any available space can be clicked to select or clicked again to de-select (it is an on/off toggle.).

Pate Swap Meet

The Process In Pictures - Step 2: Select Spaces

As you select and configure spaces, a running sales total is presented in the lower left-hand corner of the page. Also, a roll-out-roll-in window is available at any time to provide details on each space you have selected.

Pate Swap Meet

The Process In Pictures - Step 3: Select Spaces

After the final selection and configuration of your spaces, clicking one button adds your entire selection to a Shopping Cart for review.

Pate Swap Meet

The Process In Pictures - Step 4: Add Optional Items

You can select any of the optional up-sales for your space order for such things as Car Corral Spaces or Private Portable Toilets. Simply drop down the Item Menu and add items to your order with the "Add" button. You can also change the quantity of the optional items and even delete them from your order if you change your mind.

Pate Swap Meet

The Process In Pictures - Step 5: Checkout and Pay

When ready, click the button for "Checkout" and provide your Billing Information, your Pate Times information for both the printed version as well as the new online version and your payment method. When finished, click "Purchase Now" and your credit card will be securely processed, an authorization code provided and a detailed receipt will be immediately presented to the screen for you to print from your browser. Also, the same detailed receipt will be e-mailed within seconds to your registered e-mail address for your records. As part of the process, new accounts for each Vendor will be created and the Pate Times Online listings will be generated and access to the Member Portal will the granted. It all happens in a fraction of a second.


Unseen: Complete Backend Processes

All orders are fully backed up and time-stamped. We use both SQL-commit and redundant SSD drives for all transactions. Further, each night, 100% of all transactional data, pages and programs are backed up to highly-durable cloud storage.

All data is available in real-time for reporting. Our system features an extensive and powerful reporting capability to create any desired report by us adding a few lines of PHP code to interrogate the database in real-time.

Also, data can be exported in CSV format for use in Excel and/or third-party analytics systems.

The e-commerce processes automatically execute all housekeeping functions like creating Vendor Accounts, adding Vendors to mailing lists and staging all orders for no-hassle instant-view renewals for the 2022 Pate Swap Meet.

Background Image

Our Space Sales E-commerce Process

Browse and Select Spaces

Use our interactive space map to see the spaces that are available now. Simply click to select your spaces in any configuration you wish. When satisfied, click one button to add all of your selected spaces to your shopping cart.

Add Other Items

Once your spaces have been added, review your order and add any other items to your cart such as private potties, Car Corral spaces or Pate Merchandise. While you are finishing your shopping, your spaces will bee reserved for you.

Check Out

When finished, simply check out. Your account information will be collected and your personal account set up for immediate use. Securely pay using a credit card or debt card and receive a detail receipt for your purchases.


The entire system has been designed to be easy and intitive to use by inexperienced end users without training or experience.


We use SSD-equipment multi-processor servers supported my multiple 10-Gbps connections. The codebase is optimized for performance.


All of our codebase is secure and hardended. We do NOT use a open-source CMS with their known security weakness and expxloits.

Fast & Friendly

All user interfaces are designed and optimized to be user friendly and natural. The resulting pages are aestically pleasing and friendly.


All technical systems are alarmed and monitored 24x7x52 by a professional Network Operations Center with engineers and technicans on duty.

50 Years of Trust

We have built a system that reflects the 49 years of trust the Pate Swap Meet has built with our Vendors. We take that trust seriously.

  • "All data is backed up to two different cloud networks for high durability using all current best practices."

  • "A transactions are secure and encrypted using 256-bit SSL Certificate from a secure Certification Authority."

  • "The e-commerce system is PCI-audited by the bankcard industry as safe for end-user transactions and direct interface to the banking system."

    Safe E-Commerce
  • "All pages and processes work on smartphones, tablets and computers."

  • "Everything happens in real-time and instantly. Data is always current to the instant any page is created or refreshed"

  • "The entire end-user interface is intuitive. There is no need for training. The system can be used by first-time users."

  • "Everything is fast. Page and transaction are quick."

  • "Everything is accurate; databases and the GIS maps. We continue to ground-truth the GIS for accuracy within inches."


Still Want To Work Through the Registrar?

No problem!

Our new system doesn't require you to use it unless you wish to use it. You can always secure your Vendor spaces through our Registrar as always either by mailing in our paper form or by calling. We're delighted to serve you any way you wish!

By mail or by phone, our Registrar will operate our system for you as your agent. You never have to touch the keyboard unless you want to.

Also, if you wish to pay for your spaces by check, contact the Registrar for an offline order. Once contacted, the Registrar will use the system to process your Order immediately on your behalf so your spaces are secured online but add a time period for your check to be received in the mail. The Registrar will do all of the work for you. You will even get a copy of the offline Order in e-mail and it will instantly appear on your "My Account" page. 

Also, even going through the mail or the telephone, you still get all of the new benefits provided by the new system.

Go To Our Traditional Classic Registration Process

Have Questions or Want Discussion?

As always, we're available for any questions have or discussions you wish. Contact us. If you wish to speak to someone, just let us know in the Contact Us Form and leave a call-back number and a good time to reach you.

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