Camping at the Pate Swap Meet

The Texas Motor Speedway venue provides one camping opportunity for 2022 for camping on the site.

VIP Camping

Texas Motor Speedway will NOT be offering VIP Camping for the 2022 Pate Swap Meet. Only Dry Camping will be available. Yes, we will miss it too. It was only offered last year but, unfortunately, TMS is not providing it for this year.

Dry Camping

The regular campgrounds are available for dry camping on the northwest corner of the venue for $20 for the entire Pate weekend with the fee collected at the gate. No reservations are required. Just pull in and pay the TMS security guard your fee.

Free showers are available in the venue's shower facilities that feature hot water.

The entrance to Dry Camping is at the corner of Victory Circle (a.k.a. "the outer ring road") and Wallace Lane. GPS coordinates are 33.044241437169944, -97.28848059261524

Pate Swap Meet