Pate Car Corral:
Buy and sell running vechicles.

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Pate Car Corral: Buy Your Next Vintage or Collector Vehicle

The Pate Car Corral offers a unique showcase for sellers and buyers of unique vehicles of all types, makes, models and vintages; from finished show cars to entry-level project cars and everything in between. The Car Corral offers cars and trucks, vintage and modern, domestic and imports, customized cars and trucks, muscle cars, hot rods, rat rods and even "old heaps."

Some vehicles in the Pate Car Corral will be finished and fully restored and others suitable for your next rebuilding project.

The Pate Car Corral is for running, operational vehicles only. No parts, motor homes, R.Vs, buses or miscellaneous items can be sold in the Car Corral.

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Other than those few restrictions, any vehicle can be bought or sold in the Car Corral; finished vehicles, show cars, work-in-progress vehicles, or old heaps badly in need of work and attention. All vehicles have to be driven into the Car Corral under their own power. Vehicles arriving on trailers or car carriers have to be unloaded in the staging area and driven into the Car Corral. Vehicles cannot be shown on their trailers. Also, buyers will likely want to do test drives.

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Pate Car Corral Tickets

The Car Corral windshield stickers must be filled out and displayed on the upper right, inside corner of the windshield on the car driven into the Car Corral area. You will not be admitted until this is done. There will be one sticker for each vehicle that is for sale. Stickers may not be transferred to another vehicle.

Vehicles may enter the Car Corral between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. only, except Wednesday, when vehicles will be admitted from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The owner is responsible for their vehicles at all times. This includes the hours between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. when vehicles may be viewed and between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. after viewing hours. You may take your vehicle out each night before the gates close.

Vehicles must be driven into the Car Corral. Trailers or car haulers are only permitted in the staging area north of the Car Corral. Trailers and car haulers are to be removed from the staging area after unloading.

Early-Bird Sale for Pate Car Corral Tickets

Car Corral tickets can be purchased online RIGHT NOW at a discount until January 1, 2022. After January 1, the regular price returns.

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Buy Your Car Corral Tickets, Bring Your Car,
Sell It for Your Price On Your Terms

Other than the low cost of a flat-rate Car Corral ticket, Pate does NOT participate in your sale; transactions are entirely private between you and your buyer. You keep the entire sales price.

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Use our catalog page under the "Shop" tab to specify the number of Car Corral tickets you wish. But just one or multiples. Simply click "Add" to add your Car Corrall Tickets spaces to your shopping cart.

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50 Years of Trust

We have built a system that reflects the 49 years of trust the Pate Swap Meet has built with our Vendors. We take that trust seriously.

  • "I have been coming to the Pate every year for decades! I sell parts as well as buy from other Pate vendors."

    Main Swap Meet Area Vendor
  • "My wife and I use our vacation yo come to the Pate Swap Meet every year. "

    Main Swap Meet Area Vendor
  • "Friendly Texas people. I enjoy the parties as well a trading car parts. "

    Main Swap Meet Area Vendor

The Car Corral Is a Great Place to Sell or Buy a Vehicle!

The Pate Swap Meet naturally attracts automotive enthusiasts, and, a lot of them. It is a natural place to buy or sell vehicles. 

For sellers, buy your Car Corral tickets early and one for each car you plan to bring. Pick a place in the Car Corral and park your vehicle and let the action unfold as potential buyers come to look.

For buyers, come see what is for sale. Find what you are looking for and make a deal with the seller.

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We welcome first-time Car Corral participants! We have tickets we would love to put your name on.