Vendor Spaces

Pate Car Corral Rules

Pate Car Corral tickets can be purchased online in advance or from the registrar at the swap meet. As with any large gathering, we have put in place regulations to help make this a safe and successful event. Acceptance of space constitutes your agreement to abide by the rules outlined below. Please read these rules completely before purchasing a car corral space.

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Operational Vehicles

windshield sticker on car at Pate Swap Meet

Sticker Display

windshield sticker display on car in car corral

Sticker Transfer

no transfer car stickers at Pate Swap Meet

Replacement Sticker

replacement sticker on car at Pate Swap Meet

Vehicle Entry Hours

entry exit hours at Pate Swap Meet

Owner Responsibility

owner responsibility for car at Pate Swap Meet

Staging Area

drive car into car corral


damages injuries accidents at Pate Swap Meet

Staking of Tents or Canopies

staking tents at Pate Swap Meet

Rejection from Meet

rejected from Pate Swap Meet
caution drive safely

Two Ways to Register

Register for the Pate Swap Meet the way you wish.

Register Online Live and in Real-Time

Classic Registration by Phone or USPS Mail