Classic Registration

The Traditional Method of Getting
Pate Vendor Spaces

Do you still want to work through our Registrar using our paper mail-in form or a phone call?

No problem!

Our new PateOnline self-service system doesn't require you to use it unless you wish to use it. You can always secure your Vendor spaces through our Registrar as always either by mailing in our paper form or by calling. We're delighted to serve you any way you wish!

By mail or by phone, our Registrar will operate our system for you as your agent. You never have to touch the keyboard unless you want to.

Also, even going through the mail or the telephone, you still get all of the new benefits provided by the new system.

Paper Registration Form

To register by mail, simply download the paper form below, print it, fill it out and mail the completed paper form to the address shown by March 20, 2021. Please note that no pre-registration forms will be accepted after March 25, 2021.

*** Mail-in pre-registration is closed. ***

PDF of Pate Swap Meet Maps

The Pate Swap Meet covers acres of grounds and is divided into zones to make navigation easier for visitors and vendors. Use the maps below to help find your way around the swap meet.

The Access to Grounds map offers a layout of the highways surrounding the area. The flow of traffic is indicated by arrows to help you navigate the highways and gain access to the swap meet grounds. Parking areas, vendor entrances, registration area, shower area, headquarters, and zones are highlighted on this map.

The Zone Layout map is an overview of the swap meet locations of gates, zones, and the headquarters.

Rounding out the map selections are individual maps of each zone.

Click the thumbnails below to see an enlarged map.

Pate 2021 Area

Zone 0

Zone 1 - South

Zone 1 - North

Zone 1A

Zone 2 - South

Zone 2 - North

Zone 2A

Zone 3

Zone 3A

Pate Inbound

Pate Outbound

Two Ways to Register

Register for the Pate Swap Meet the way you wish.

Register Online Live and in Real-Time

Classic Registration by Phone or USPS Mail