Pate Gift Shop

Gift Shop Return Policy

For Merchandise

All sales of merchandise are final and are not subject to refunds for anything EXCEPT lost or damaged shipments.

For Vendor Space Sales

For all Vendor Space Sales and Space Enhancements (Car Corral tickets and Personal Private Toilets), full refunds will be provided for cancelations performed up to the close of business (Central Time) the Tuesday before the Pate Swap Meet. For the April 22-24, 2021 Pate Swap Meet, the cut-off for full refunds will be 5:00 pm CDT, April 20, 2021. Cancelations must be requested in writing via our Contact-Us Form from the Vendor's (validated by log-in) User Account. Upon submitting the Contact-Us Form, our servers will time-stamp the request and generate an on-screen confirmation and e-mail a personal copy to you for your records. The forms of confirmations will show the official time-stamp as well as a unique Reference Code. Requests for full refunds for cancelation will be honored if confirmations are time-stamped on or before 5:00 pm CDT, April 20, 2021. Questions of additional correspondence should contain a reference to the unique Reference Code on the confirmations.

After receipt of a valid Cancelation notice, we will attempt to validate each request to verify that the request actually came from the authorized Vendor.

Alternatively, a Vendor may request a full refund by USPS mail as long as the letter is received by us no later than 5:00 pm CDT, April 20, 2021.