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How To Edit Your Pate Times Online Listing

Each listing features "smart security" enforced by the advanced security features of our system. You have to be logged in so we know your username and therefore we know your profile information (including identifications) which is also tied to your space order(s) and your Pate Times Online listing. This allows us to control access to each listing to only the Vendor who "owns" the listing. You can ONLY edit your own listing and nobody else's listing.

To edit your listing, first, find your Vendor Card by browsing or by searching. On your Vendor Card, click on the "Read More" button to display the "Read More" details page. Scroll to the bottom of the "Read More" details page. If you are indeed on your page associated with your User Account, an "Edit" button will be shown at the bottom of the page. The "Edit" button will only be displayed on your page. Only you will be able to see it and no one else.  Click on the "Edit" button and a form containing all of your editable content will be shown for both the Vendor Card and your Vendor Details Page. Simply edit the text in the populated fields and add photos where indicated. When finished, click "Save" to view the updated results. Repeat until you are satisfied with the results.

Picture of the master "edit" page:

Pate Swap Meet

You may edit your content as often as you wish. We place no restrictions on how often or how much of the page you can change. You can even update the page during the run of the Pate Swap Meet.

You are welcome to use your own judgment about posting contact information on your page. However, please be aware that we do not recommend posting e-mail addresses or telephone numbers to public web pages at any time. Pubicly posted e-mail addresses and telephone numbers are always subject to harvesting by bad-actors for SPAM purposes very quickly, usually within days. There is nothing we can do to prevent it. However, so warned, it is your page and you may do so if you wish although we strongly recommend against it.

We have provided a better way to have contacts with Visitors and potential buyers: use the "Contact" button built into your listing. The feature will allow public Visitors to privately and securely have a back-and-forth dialog with you. Since this dialog will be private just between you and your prospect, any information you share, like e-mail addresses and telephone numbers, won't be shown on public pages to be harvested by SPAMMERS. 

Tips For Editing Pate Times Online Listings

To help you make a better page, Bill Anderton, Pate webmaster and chief software architect for PateOnline, will be continuously updating this Editing Tips and FAQ section of this page. Be sure to visit it often because he will be adding to the page regularly.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new Pate Times Online directory. This page will provide some tips for editing your listings as well as answering frequently asked questions. This page will be a bit in a "run-and-gun" style while I will be adding things as they come up over the next couple of weeks. So, visit this page often.

Replacing the Placeholder Images

Currently, there are places for showing up to four photographs on each "Read More" details page. At least for now, if no image is upload, the camera-upload icon is shown. This icon is automatically replaced when you upload a photo. If you don't want to use all four spaces, you can make the camera-upload icon disappear by uploading a "blank" file. I recommend using a 1-pixel x 1-pixel transparent PNG file and I can provide one for that purpose at the link below. Simply download it and then upload it into the photo slot where you don't want to use your own photo.

Blank 1x1 pixel "blank" file for your use

If you ever wish to replace the blank with an image, simply edit the slot and add a new image. You can change images (and blanks) as often as you wish.

Before Pate Times Online goes live to the public (anticipated to be at the end of July), I will replace the camera-upload icon with the blank so the public won't see the icon. For now, it is just used as a reminder/prompt to Vendors to upload some photos.

Supported Photo Formats

The photos you upload should be in one of the classic image/photo file formats:

BMP - Bit Map File Format

The BMP format is an image file format used to store bitmap digital images, especially on Microsoft Windows.  Very high quality but features no file compressions and therefore results in large files. It is supported by most popular web browsers, but not widely used on websites due to their file size.

These image files have the extension .bmp.

GIF - Graphics Interchange Format

Compuserve's 8-bit GIF format is ideal for small navigational icons and simple diagrams and illustrations where accuracy is required, or graphics with large blocks of a single color. GIF images can also be animated.

These image files have the extension .gif.

JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Format

JPEG is the most common format for storing and transmitting photographic images on the World Wide Web. The format uses very efficient compression that can be set for various quality levels. It is supported by most popular web browsers.

These image files have the extension .jpg or .jpeg.

PNG - Portable Network Graphics Format

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) was created to improve upon and replace GIF as an image-file format.  It is supported by most popular web browsers.

These image files have the extension .png.

TIF - Tagged Image File Format

Tagged Image File Format is a file format for storing images, including photographs and line art. It is supported by most popular web browsers.

These image files have the extension .tif or .tiff.

We recommend the use of the JPG format as they are the best compromise between image quality and reasonable sizes for quick and efficient downloading by users.

Delete Unused Placeholder Text

There are also four text blocks for Vendors to use. If you aren't going to use all four (say, use only a couple of the slots) I strongly suggest deleting the placeholder text out of the unused fields.

However, Use All of the Text and Photos You Can!

Text and photos not only dress up your page and hold visitors' attention, but they also bring visitors into your page via search functions, both our internal search and the third-party search engines. Full-text searches can find the words and phrases you use in your text.

Use all of the space you have. Yes, quality helps but quantity has a quality all its own.

My recommendation is to simply write good descriptions of the merchandise you have for sale or the items you are looking to buy. Simply describe things. Also, write about anything that might cause a visitor to take an interest in visiting your Vendor space. Help them find you.

Pay Some Close Attention To Your "Summary" Field

The Summary field defaults to its placeholder text and appears on your Vendor Card on the Listings page. It is a short sentence, but it is very important in gaining the interest of visitors to the directory. Give this short sentence some serious thought.

Please Don't Edit the Location Field

Please don't edit the Location field. Yes, it contains only one of your spaces and this is by design for a technical purpose having to do with the way your location variable is passed to the GIS (geospatial information system) for the location map. Entering multiple spaces into this field could cause an error to occur. In a day or two, I will make this field uneditable. Until then, we're going to edit out any changes you make to this field. Just FYI, the space we show is the lowest number in our GIS map ID system; that is just how the algorithm is designed to work. If you haven't checked the Locator map out yet, click on your location link and see how it works.

The new Pate Locator service is the first visible part of the entire GIS frontend that will be driving the new online sales and renewals system for Pate that will debut in October.

If you want to talk about all of your spaces or list all of them, feel free to do so in one of the text blocks but NOT in the "Location" field (it has a dedicated purpose.) There is plenty of space in the text blocks and we certainly don't mind at all.

Do You Want Bigger Text Blocks?

Currently, I have set the four text blocks up to be 500 characters each (2,000 characters in total) ... roomy! However, I can easily make them bigger. If vendors would like more space to discuss the items they have for sale, I could easily say double them to 1,000 each or even larger. I would like to get your feedback. If you have an opinion, just drop me a convo.

Admin Copyediting

Just to let you know what happens after you submit your text edits, we do perform a bit of post-processing along the way. The post-processing usually happens the same day as your text addition. As a standard operating procedure, we will pass all of your text through two text editing products. The first is Google's spell-checking product and the second is a commercial copyediting product called Grammarly which performs both additional spell-checking and sophisticated grammar checking. Both checks provide consistency throughout the directory and provide a high degree of accuracy as well as a high degree of automation and speed.