Pate Swap Meet Members

The Pate Swap Meet Members are comprised of vintage and classic car clubs, regional organizations, and officers. Each supports a wide range of transportation-related interests. Each has strong leadership within their respective organizations which makes the Pate Swap Meet an important, respected, and organized annual event. From these groups, over 700 volunteers work at the swap-meet to keep it running smoothly, assist vendors and visitors, and maintain the daily activities in an orderly fashion. The strong backing and assistance from these groups is a critical element in the success of this major swap-meet that brings vendors and visitors from all over the United States and abroad.

Austin Area Car Club
Contact: Steve Springer
Fort Worth Model A Ford Club
Contact: Becky Lee
Greater Houston Model A Ford Club
Contact: Bill Strickland
Heart O? Texas Old Car Club
Contact: Larry White
Houston Early V-8 Ford Club
Contact: Don Moore
Lone Star Model T Ford Club
Contact: Larry Kollie
North Texas Region Cadillac-LaSalle Club
Contact: Bill Levy
Tex-Ark Antique Auto Club
Contact: Obie Sartin

Car Clubs

Car Club Members

Central Texas Region AACA
Contact: Leif Allred
Golden Crescent Region AACA
Contact: Richard Ross
Gulf Coast Region AACA
Contact: Robert Bullard
North Texas Region HCCA
Contact: James Toler c/o Sandy Rose
Northeast Texas Region AACA
Contact: Dan Knight
Texas Region AACA
Contact: Charles Gambulos
West Texas Region AACA
Contact: Sam Austin

Regional Organizations

regional organizations

Recognizing our National Organizations

The Pate Swap Meet members wish to acknowledge the national organizations listed below. Please support our affiliated National Clubs.

AACA national organizations AMCA national organizations Horseless Carriage Club national organizations
MAFCA national organizations MTFCA national organizations Cadillac & LaSalle Club
national organizations

Two Ways to Register

Register for the Pate Swap Meet the way you wish.

Register Online Live and in Real-Time

Classic Registration by Phone or USPS Mail