New Registration Building Location

On-Site Space Sales

On-site Pate Vendor Space Sales can be found in the Pate Registration Building.

For people wishing to buy "at the gate" during the Pate Swap Meet, come to the Registration Building to purchase your spaces and pick up your Pate Vendor Credentials.

Also, if you purchased online after the March 28, 2022 mail cut-off date, your Pate Vendor credentials will be held at "Will Call" for pick up on-site in the Registration Building.

New Registration Building Location and "Will Call" for 2022

For the 2022 Pate Swap Meet, we have a new location for the on-site Registration Building.

The building used for the last several years, the one with the distinctive blue roof, is gone. It was infested with termites and TMS completely demolished it.

For this year, we have rented a mobile office and it will be set up in a new location near the intersection of Lone Star Circle (the "interring road") and Earnhardt Ave. The geolocation for the GPS in your car or truck is approximately 33.03617169963117, -97.27812860670142.

The new location has plenty of parking. Plus, is just down from the main Pate Vendor entrance at the north gate of the speedway. If you wish to avoid the traffic on Lone Star Circle, you can enter the speedway off I35 and come down Earnhardt Ave. which will dead-end into the parking lot for the new Registration Building.

"Will Call" Pickup

As is Pate's long-term tradition, the mail cut-off date for mailing Vendor Packets is approximately 30 days before the start of the swap meet. This year, the published mail cut-off date is March 28, 2022. Vendor Packets (with window stickers) for online and phone orders placed on and after the mail cut-off date will NOT be mailed. Instead, the Vendor Packets will be made up in advance and held in "Will Call" for pick up at the Registration Building.

The Will Call pick-up is an express process to make it easy and quick for you to get your Vendor Packet. This year, Will Call will be located outside the Registration Building. You won't have to stand in line as people buying spaces. Will Call will be marked by green-and-white yard signs that say "Will Call." Just walk up, give the Will Call volunteer your name and you will be handed your Vendor Packet. It should only take a minute or so. Will Call will open at the same time as the Registration Building at 7 am, Wednesday, April 27, 2022.

In the satellite view, the location is here: