One-Year Space Sales

One-Year Spaces

One-Year Space Contracts are now available for certain select spaces that would otherwise be idled from Rollovers or One-Year Swaps. The Pate Vendors who have these spaces will continue to retain the renewal rights to these spaces but the spaces will not otherwise be used in the current event. Therefore, these select spaces are available to anyone who wishes to purchase the use in the current year ONLY on a special One-Year Sales Contract. Since the original Pate Vendor still retains the renewal rights to the select spaces, One-Year Sales Contracts DO NOT include renewals right for the next Pate Swap Meet.

To be clear, One-Year Sales Contracts only include the use of these selected spaces in the current year's Pate Swap Meet.

Typically, the spaces offered for One-Year Space Contracts are excellent spaces in nice locations, some of them in prime locations. Typically, these spaces are held by the participating Pate Vendor for years in Zones rarely available. Also, they are often groups of multiple spaces in both side-by-side and/or back-to-back configurations.

Our Space Selector will show all available One-Year Spaces shaded in orange. Normal Spaces (with full renewal rights) are also shown in their usual green color.

Selection and Checkout of One-Year Spaces remain unchanged. However, the selected One-Year Spaces will be noted in the description and on the final receipt. Upon completion of Checkout, our Pate Vendor Space Inventory Database to be updated to show the Pate Vendor purchasing One-Year Spaces will have use of the spaces in the current swap meet BUT the original Pate Vendor will still retain the renewal right to these spaces.