The Registration Building

On-Site Space Sales

On-site Pate Vendor Space Sales can be found in the Pate Registration Building.

For people wishing to buy "at the gate" during the Pate Swap Meet, come to the Registration Building to purchase your spaces and pick up your Pate Vendor Credentials.

Also, if you purchase your Pate Vendor Spaces online (recommended) during the week of the swap meet, your Pate Vendor Credentials will be made and held for your pick up in our expedited "Will Call" process.

Please note: If you traditionally buy your spaces "at the gate" during the Pate Swap Meet, you might consider buying online or by phone prior to the event. Both our Renewal Season and early registration is going at a record pace. As of July 2021, the sales for Vendor Spaces for the 2022 Pate Swap Meet are six months ahead of where we were for 2021 which, in itself, was a record year! For the first time in our history, there is a possibility that we may have a sell-out BEFORE THE EVENT. To be assured that you can get 2022 Pate Vendor Spaces, we strongly recommend that you buy your space early. You can buy online or via a phone call.

Will Call: Pick Up Vendor Packets

If your Pate Vendor Packet was lost in the mail, or you purchase your Vendor Spaces online after the Vendor Packet Mailing Deadline, come to the Registration Building to get your Vendor Packet.

Finding the Registration Building

The Registration Building is located off Victory Circle just east of Labonte Lane.

The parking lot immediately in front of the Registration Building has dual approaches via two separate driveways at each end of the lot. If you are driving long trailers or large motorhomes, you can park in the outside parking lot near the Souvenir Building if you think that cannot make the turns into the parking lot in front of the Registration Building.