Pate Swap Meet Operational Rules

Spring 2020 Operational Rules

The Pate Swap Meet has the largest display in the United States of products related to a variety of new and vintage automobiles, motorcycles, and hard-to-find items that are needed to keep them in working order. Additionally, collectors flock to this event to find items to add to their collections. Gas pumps, vintage signs, auto parts, rusty cars waiting to be made new again, tools, oil cans and much more are waiting to be discovered.

The event has a reputation for drawing huge crowds, an enormous number of vendors, and visitors from all over the United States. As a result, the Pate Swap Meet officers are responsible for organizing the gathering to keep it running in a safe and orderly fashion. To achieve this lofty goal, rules must be put in place to ensure the event runs smoothly and patrons and vendors are safe.

Wednesday is set-up day for vendors, and they may enter at any time with proper windshield stickers. The swap meet is not open to the general public for sales. Pate Swap Meet concludes on Saturday night. Vendors needing more time to load may stay over Saturday night on their assigned spaces but must vacate Texas Motor Speedway by 1:00 pm Sunday.

Swap meet spaces are not assignable except at time of purchase. Your space(s) will be designated with a numbered marker in each space. Your displays must be kept within the boundaries of your space(s).


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Windshield Stickers

windshield sticker on car at Pate Swap Meet

Illegally Parked Vehicles

tow truck at Pate Swap Meet

Speed Limit

speed limit at Pate Swap Meet

Swap Meet Spaces

clean up crew at Pate Swap Meet

Driving Hours

driving hours at Pate Swap Meet

Unauthorized Vehicles

unauthorized vehicles at Pate Swap Meet

Vendor Hours of Admittance

pre-registered vendors at Pate Swap Meet

Late Arrivals

arriving late at Pate Swap Meet

Handicapped Access

handicapped access at Pate Swap Meet

Handicapped Transportation

handicapped transportation at Pate Swap Meet

Quiet Hours

quiet hours at Pate Swap Meet

Staking of Tents or Canopies

staking tents at Pate Swap Meet

Camping on Texas Motor Speedway Property

prohibited at Pate Swap Meet


use of generators at Pate Swap Meet

Trailer Landing Gear

plywood under landing gear

Food and Beverage Sales

food and beverage sales at Pate Swap Meet


firearms at Pate Swap Meet

Lost Persons

lost at Pate Swap Meet

Free Parts Hauling Service

hauling large objects at Pate Swap Meet


pet policy at Pate Swap Meet

General Merchandising

general sales at Pate Swap Meet

Company Specific Merchandising

company specific sales at Pate Swap Meet


not responsible for accidents at Pate Swap Meet

Rejection from Meet

reject undesirable people at Pate Swap Meet

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