Newsletter - October 2019

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48th Pate Swap Meet

April 30 - May 2, 2020

Texas Motor Speedway - Fort Worth, Texas

WELCOME to the first issue of the Pate Swap Meet Newsletter. We will share information with vendors and patrons who have provided an e-mail address to us. Visit Pateswapmeet.com to request to be added to the mailing list.  Your e-mail address will NOT be shared, sold or otherwise extended.  Our intent is to inform you of new activities going on at Pate Swap Meet. The newsletter will be published quarterly.

PRE-WAR AREA - With over 2,200 vendors to cover, wouldn't it be nice if all your interested parts were concentrated together.  A vendor may select any available space at registration and remain near friends or groups, however, we will designate voluntary districts for associated parts. The PRE-WAR area is located at the south end of the swap meet in "Zone "O".   Also, MOTORCYCLE MANIA is located in the northwest corner of "Zone 3 & 3A."

ARRIVE TIME - 10:00am  Vehicular traffic is not allowed within the swap meet area between the hours of 10:00am till 5:00pm due to high patron attendance and insurance requirements.  Gates open at 7:00am. Please plan to arrive before gates close at 10:00am in order to get into your vendor space.

PATE TIMES - The official directory of the Pate Swap Meet is the "Pate Times". Over 7,200 copies are printed each year and handed out free of charge at all gates. If looking for a particular vendor or specific type of part consult the "Pate Times". For advertising in the Pate Times contact John Anderson at 512-413-6328.

CLUB ACTIVITIES  - Did you know that there are over 500 different car clubs in the state of Texas. From the Model "T" to the latest Corvette, from the Horseless Carriage to the over 740 horse Hellcat, there is an organized club bringing like-minded enthusiasts together.  May we suggest that car clubs consider getting a couple of spaces at Pate Swap Meet as a meeting place for your members. Display your club banner, attract new members, and have a place to sell those extra parts.

SOCIAL MEDIA  - Follow Pate Swap Meet on Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter along with more than 5,600 other loyal fans from as far away as the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. Post your Facebook questions and we will respond asap. You can tag us @pateswapmeet  or  #pateswapmeet as well.

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Vice President


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