Newsletter - January 2021

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50th Pate Swap Meet

April 22- April 24, 2021

Texas Motor Speedway - Fort Worth, Texas

Advanced Date - Be aware, the 50th Pate Swap Meet will be Thursday thru Saturday, April 22-24, 2021 at Texas Motor Speedway.  This is one week earlier in April than our usual schedule due to an Indy car race at the speedway the following week. Mark your calendar and let's go.

PateOnline - Pate’s new state-of-the-art website is fully online and available for your use.

On-Line Registration - You can now see what vendor spaces are available, select your space on-line, and pay on-line. It's user friendly and easy to do. Help is available if needed. 

New Features - Visit the new pateswapmeet.com web site.  It has much more detail on the above features and so many categories to search. How about the Pate Store, Camping at Pate, or Hotel Discounts while at Pate. Check it out! 

Pate Times Online - In addition to the printed copy of the Pate Times there is now a very powerful electronic version available of our Vendor directory service called Pate Times On-Line.

Get the FREE 51-page E-Book for Vendors About Pate Times Online

Virtual Marketing - When a vendor secures a space for the Pate Swap Meet, they are then eligible to utilize a feature of Pate Times On-line that allows a Vendor Card for every Vendor PLUS a Vendor Detail Page with four text blocks and up to four full-width photographs. A vendor can show what they have for sale, give a brief description. The service also included private and secure Dialogs between Vendor and Visitor. There is no additional fee for this feature.  If a vendor is not able to attend Pate (therefore does not need a space) but wishes to utilize this capability of Virtual Marketing, that is available at a small service fee. See the details on the web site. 

Space Locator - Since Pate Times Online is based on a powerful GIS (Geographic Information System), a person at the swap meet can click on the “Locator” button on any of the Pate Times Online Vendors Card and a location map will be shown with a pushpin will be shown on the Vendor’s spaces. If the user has a smartphone, clicking on the Locator icon on the map another pushpin in a different color will be placed on the user’s exact location. It is the ultimate, “You are here” service. Users will see where they are and where the Vendor’s spaces are located that they want to visit. Navigation at its easiest. Finding Vendors at the Pate Swap Meet has never been quicker or easier.


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