Parts Hauling

Pate's Free Parts Hauling Service

The Pate Swap Meet provides a no-charge parts hauling service to patrons and vendors requesting our assistance to transport heavy and/or bulky items. The Pate workers who are providing this service are driving golf carts equipped with trailers that were specially built for this purpose.

How to Request this Service

Parts Hauling can be requested only at any of the eight information booths located at the entrance gates. A parts hauler will pick up the requestor at the information booth. Flag downs are permitted if there are no requestors waiting at an information booth. If the parts hauler does not have a load, it is permissible for them to take you to the information booth and you can make a request for parts hauling service.

Parts Drop Off Locations

Parts may be picked up and dropped off at any swap meet spaces within the swap meet grounds. Parts can also be delivered to any information booth for drop off. These locations are manned by Pate workers who will watch the parts while the requestor returns with a vehicle to pick up the parts. Parts may also be dropped off at the requestors vehicle in the parking lot. We will only haul parts to the parking lot! We are not a taxi service.

Hours of Operation

Parts Hauling Services will be available from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday during the Pate Swap Meet.

Loading and Unloading of Parts

It is the responsibility of the requestor to load and unload parts.

Rules for Passengers Riding with Parts Haulers

The requestor will accompany the Pate worker on the golf cart. Other individuals with the requestor may also ride in the designated seats on the golf cart as long as space permits.

At no time will anyone ride on the trailer!