Private Online
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Special places for communications and business. User Accounts and logins required.

Pate Private Portals

The Pate website features private and secure portals for our:

  1. Vendors
  2. Staff
  3. Leadership
  4. With more coming in the future

PateOnline is multi-faceted. These Pate Private Portals are secure microsites within our overall website that are built as online communities for special interest groups involved with the Pate in working and/or business relationships. Portals are used as collaboration and communications tools for people with direct business with the Pate Swap Meet. Access is private and liberally granted on an as-needed basis.

Pate Private Portals are brand new features of our website and have only been available since we released our new website to the public in mid-March. Throughout the Spring of 2020, we will be actively endeavoring to get all vendor accounts set up with accurate profile information. It may take a little to accomplish. All you need to participate in a portal is an active e-mail address and a web connection. You can use any device: smartphone, tablet, notebook, desktop or smart TV; basically anything that uses a web browser.

If you are a Vendor and you don't yet have a User Account, please contact us (using the roll-out letter icon on the right side of the page) and request one. We will move you to the top of the list for immediate activation.

If you have a User Account and are logged in, under the "Portals" menu in the primary navigation, you will see all of the private portals where you currently have authorized access. If the menu is blank (empty) you are either not logged in or current have not been granted access via your User Account. If you feel this is in error, please contact us and we will immediately resolve any issue blocking your access.