Event Announcement

Vendor Spaces Are Selling Quickly

Since we made the announcement of receiving a waiver that allows the Pate Swap Meet to definitely happen, we have sold almost 350 new Vendor spaces in just the last five days. Even with over 16-miles of Vendor-Space facades, we are filling up quickly! With seven weeks left until the opening day of the Pate Swap Meet, we have only about 500 Vendor Spaces still available. Out of almost 8,500 Vendor Spaces set up in one of the largest paved parking lots in the United States, we're already over 92% sold out! 

The number of pre-registrations has never been higher and the number of new Pate Vendors coming to the 2021 swap meet is growing daily.

We strongly recommend that you DO NOT wait to secure your spaces "at the gate" on move-in day. If you want definitely reserved spaces, we recommend you buy your spaces NOW; online or over the phone.

There are still good spaces available, even some adjoining contiguous blocks are still left but you need to act quickly, even today!

You can securely order Vendor Spaces online, right now! It only takes a few minutes. You can browse the remaining available spaces, select the spaces you wish, configure their layout and securely pay for your selections online with a credit card or debit card.

Go To Our Live Online Space Selector

Pate Swap Meet

Not "Online?" Use Our Classic Registration Instead

If you still want to work with our Registrar, simply call or write Carolyn Piersol at (817) 608-7293 (option #1 in the voice menu) and she will enter your order into the system on your behalf, functioning as your agent. You are not required to use our new PateOnline system unless you wish. Click the button below for details.

Use Classic Registration

Commercial Spaces Are Still Available

If you are a Commercial Vendor and selling new parts, we still have some commercial spaces available in our new Manufacturers Midway area. These are premium jumbo spaces measuring 25' x 50' and are reserved for manufacturers, distributors, dealers or vendors selling only new parts. If you are interested in these commercial spaces, please contact us using the button below and a commercial-spaces representative will contact you.

Contact Commercial Sales

Get Your Spaces Now!

It may look like a very large empty parking lot today, but in about seven weeks it is going to be filled with Pate Vendors, cars, car parts and car people. It currently looks like it is going to be filled to the brim and overflow!

Pate Swap Meet