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Pate Times Online Advertising

Pate Times Online provides advertising opportunities for banner ads to reach our online and event visitors.

The right sidebar column on every page in the Pate Times Online directory is reserved for advertising banner ads. Advertisers can purchase as much advertising exposure as they wish. Pate Times Online has its own internal ad server in its content management system that randomly rotates banner ads throughout multiple premium advertising regions that are embedded in each page of the directory.

Pate Swap Meet


During our introduction period, banner advertising will be made available to advertisers only on a pay-per-impression basis. Going forward, we will evaluate other pricing models in mid-2021 and will likely introduce pay-per-click advertising during the summer of 2021. We will be making announcements of our expanding advertising offers in Q2 and Q3 of 2021.

The introductory price for pay-per-impression advertising will be $25.00 per thousand impressions and provided on a pre-paid basis via our e-commerce system. You can buy as many (or as few) 1k impression blocks as you wish and upload your banner at the same time. We will review your ad for placement and, upon approval, place your ad into our ad-server rotation. Also, you can specify a particular start-date for your banner ad to begin appearing if you wish.

Initially, all banner ads will be 260-pixels wide x 500-pixels high (vertical). Formats will include .JPG and .PNG. All ads can have a URL hyperlink to an advertiser-specified outside webpage or, alternatively, a Vendor Detail Page.

After our introduction period and discussions with our advertiser community, we will be considering other sizes, shapes and placements.

Please note that all of the web pages on are "responsive" and will automatically adjust for the size of the screen each end-user employs to view our pages. Our responsiveness includes the banner advertising regions on all Pate Times Online pages.

This is our introduction phase that merely starts our online advertising ventures. Purposely, its scope is limited to get started. However, if any particular advertiser wishes to do something special or out of the scope of our introduction, we would love to have the discussion.

Availability and Participation

Banner ads are available for use immediately and can be purchased online and uploaded for our editorial review and approval.

Pate Times Advertising Catalog

Pate Vendor Participation

Banner ads are indeed available to any and all Pate Vendors. Banners ads will increase our vendors' exposure before, during and after the Pate Swap Meet.

It is anticipated that before the Pate Swap Meet, our public Visitors will begin to plan who they will visit first. Anchor their visit with banner ads BEFORE they even set foot on the venue.

Obviously, Pate Times Online will be used extensively during the week of the Pate Swap Meet. Make sure you make your presence felt.

Less obviously, the selling opportunity for Pate Vendors continues after the Pate Swap Meet after everyone returns home. Make sure you have banner ads for follow-ups.

Corporate Packages

Package bundles for print ads in the printed edition of Pate Times and banner ads in Pate Times Online are available. To participate in a bundling program, please speak with one of our representatives.

Pate Times Online Listing for Non-Exhibitors

For Pate Vendors who simply can't come to the Pate Swap Meet this year, you can still support Pate and have a virtual presence by purchasing a listing in Pate Times Online.

A listing for non-exhibitors is $35 for the year for 12 months of exposure in Pate Times Online. Participants still have the same unlimited editing abilities as well as full use of the Vendor Dialogs feature.

The only difference between an Exhibitor and a Non-Exhibitor listing is Non-Exhibitors' will show "Online Only" in the "Location" field. Everything else remains the same.

And, yes, banner advertising is also available to Non-Exhibitors.

Establishing a Pate Times Online Listing for Non-Exhibitors is easy and simple. Select the number of listing(s) you wish to purchase in our Advertising Catalog and, upon Checkout, our PateOnline system will set up everything for you, including to User Account for editing your listing(s) if you don't already have a User Account. Immediately upon Checkout, you can begin editing your listing with your text and pictures.

Pate Times Advertising Catalog for Non-Exhibitor Listings