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"Two Old Guys" Corvette Parts Specializing in C-1, C-2 & C-3

1 Buddy C Enterprises - Buddy Collins

1 Buddy C Enterprises - Buddy Collins

Come see us at the "Two Old Guys Corvette Parts" spots, we have plenty of original, & NOS Corvette Parts Inventory available.
95% of what we have for sale are C1, C2 and C3 Parts.
Everything from NOS Emblems, Gauges, Gauge Clusters, Switches, Valve Covers and '64-'67 Headlight Parts to a '65 and '66 Corvette Real Teak Wood option N-32 Steering Wheel. NINE 6-foot tables of parts for you see. Make an Offer if you dont like our prices , YOU NEVER KNOW!

1 Buddy C Enterprises - Buddy Collins

Look For The Red Easy-Up To Find Us.
Block 59 Zone 2A
Spaces 778 780 782 784 786 STREET 7
Spaces 781 783 785 STREET 6

1 Buddy C Enterprises - Buddy Collins

1 Buddy C Enterprises - Buddy Collins

Vendor Publishing Status: Publish

Alphabetic Sort: B

Vendor Summary: 50 years of collecting Corvettes and Corvette Parts now FOR SALE

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