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Miscellaneous car parts

Alan C. Love

Alan C. Love

Items in this space begin with a variety of Model A parts. Next are included many Ford parts from the 1930s and Ford and Mercury parts into the 1940s. Since I get a lot of my Ford/Mercury parts from GM vendors, there are GM items as well. And, there are parts I can not identify-- perhaps you can. Prices are considered reasonable. Come talk.

Alan C. Love

Most of these parts were acquired from a former vendor in Mississippi. He last showed them there in 1994. I showed part of them in Giddings in 2017 on Friday, the day before Harvey arrived. We did quite well that day and were ready for Saturday but thankfully packed up for the night. They have not been viewed since. Perhaps we have that particular part you have been looking for.

Alan C. Love

Alan C. Love

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