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Brian A. Hunt

Brian A. Hunt

Holley Projection 4Di, 900 cfm , like new, with laptop and software
Edelbrock Pro Flow Fuel injection Unit, manifold, throttle body, injectors, fuel rails, New
1974 GTO shaker hood
1974 GTO shaker scoop
2 GM dealership signs, BUICK, GMC TRUCK
Holley Pro Strip Annihilator ignition systems, 800-300, 800-400
Edelbrock super victor 2925 new

Brian A. Hunt

For Sale
1996 - 2001  5.0L Ford Explorer or Mercury Mountaineer serpentine accessory drive belt conversion for older 289, 302 or 351 engine.   Bronco Conversion Kit.   These are some of the  important parts you will need to convert an older 289, 302, or 351 Ford from belts to a Ford factory serpentine belt.   
For more detail on how to perform the conversion, refer to the link below.  

Brian A. Hunt

  All parts were from a used 2000 Ford Explorer 5.0L engine. 
Power steering pump and attachment bolts - good with no noises. 
Power steering pulley and attachment bolts
Power steering reservoir and attachment bolts
Power steering high pressure line.  Partial line used to make your own custom line.
4G Alternator and attachment bolts - used reman, Tested good recently at O'Reilly Auto Parts.  Test results included.
Alternater wires

Brian A. Hunt

  Connector and main heavy wire.  About of 12" of wire to tie into your wiring harness.
A/C compressor Delete pulley, bracket, and attachment bolts.  So you set up belt assembly without an A/C compressor and add later.  
Water pump pulley and attachment bolts. 
Lightly sand blasted brackets and attachment bolts. Ready for paint or powder coating.  Includes factory tensioner bolts.  (No tensioner included)
2 - Idler pulleys.  Used. 
Harmonic balancer and attachment bolt (50oz. external balance)

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