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Texas License Plates

Gerald L. Thiele

Gerald L. Thiele

For a good restoration buy the best plates you can afford. You can put lipstick on a pig, but you still have a pig. Texas requires PAIRS all years, except 1945 & 1946. For use on a vehicle the numbers must not conflict with any plate in current use.
Call the TX Special Plates Div. to see if your plates are clear to use (512) 560-5010).
If you have a"very special plate" you want restored & it is in bad shape. It can be done, But it will cost you.

Gerald L. Thiele

I try to have available restored sets of most TX passenger & truck plates. Also, a few Oklahoma tags. I do restore embossed plates from anywhere. I also have all the color information available. Nail holes and small tears are no problem. I spot weld them. My goal is a 30 day turn around time. I prefer to use Priority Mail from the US Postal Service.

Gerald L. Thiele

I may buy or trade old Texas plates, but not from other states.

Gerald L. Thiele

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Vendor Summary: Sell RESTORED TX Plates Guaranteed to Register & Do Restorations

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