Pate Times Online

Two Formats: Both a Printed Book and Online

All Pate Vendors Get Both Pate Times Listings

Pate Times now comes in two formats, the traditional printed book handed out for FREE to all Pate Swap Meet Visitors and a totally new online version.

Pate Vendors do NOT have to choose which one to use; both are available to all Vendors and included in your space fee.

Pate Times

As always at Pate Swap Meet, Pate Times will be given away to all visitors to the swap-meet.

Pate Times is an 8-1/2" x 11" saddle-stitched booklet with a 4-color cover that is a directory that contains Pate Vendor listings and other useful information.

Pate Times is the same booklet that Vendors and visitors to the Pate Swap Meet have loved and grown to depend upon. We're printing and distributing the same number of copies at the swap-meet as always. 

Pate Times Online

The Pate Times, the beloved printed paper directory of the Pate Swap Meet, now has an online electronic younger sister! 

The new Pate Times Online will NOT be replacing its printed older brother. However, we have something new! The new online version embraces and extends the capabilities and coverage of the printed version and adds several new and exciting features.

Pate Times Online is the first of several new technical services being made available to Pate Vendors in 2020 through our new website. We're excited to provide these new services to you in order to enhance your experience at the Pate Swap Meet as a valued member of our Vendor community.

Pate Times Online Doesn't Just Copy Pate Times

Our objective was not just to convert a paper-based system to be online. That would be a waste of the potential offered by a web-based information system. Instead, we re-imagined Pate Times for important services that it could provide Pate Vendors as well as our Public Visitors. We embraced the directory concept of the paper version of Pate Times but extended its capabilities to harness the inherent advantages of an online information system.

You get the best of both worlds!

Advantages of Pate Times Online

  1. Can be provisioned and published instantly upon completion of your Vendor Space registration.
  2. It can contain a LOT more information about each Vendor including color pictures.
  3. It is full-text searchable both by our internal search engine for the basic operations of Pate Times Online but also by the public search engines, including Google.
  4. Pate Times Online can be published year around.
  5. The listing in Pate Times Online can be edited frequently and updated instantly.
  6. Pate Times Online interfaces with PateOnline's location-based services and our PateWorld GIS maps that can show where each vendor is located plus where the Visitor is standing at the moment.
  7. Pate Times Online interfaces with a secure and private two-way messaging system to private one-on-one dialogs with vendors.
  8. Pate Times Online interfaces online with PateOnline's Part Hauler Dispatching system for ordering Pate's free parts hauling service WITHOUT leaving your Vendor space.