On-Site Services

Vendor Locator

The venue for the Pate Swap Meet consists of almost 1,600 Vendors exhibiting in over 10,100 Vendor spaces. How do you find a Vendor in such a big space?

The new Pate Times Online provides help by maintaining an online directory of Vendors that is not only browseable but can also be filtered by Alphabet and Classification. Also, all of the Vendor Listing in Pate Times Online can be searched by the full text in each listing. Looking for Pate Vendors has never been easier.

Now, the tough part: how do you find the Vendor you are looking for in such a big place? Simple, use the Pate Times Online Locator. It not only works on your desktop computer, but you can also take it with you. Like all pages on our website, we support responsive design so the Locator will run on your smartphone or tablet while on-site.

The Pate Times Locator will:

  1. For the selected Vendor, the Locator will put a pushpin onto the PateWorld geographic information system map at the Vendor's location.
  2. Using the GPS services in your mobile device and a small Java applet we embed in the page, we show you where you are currently located.

Using the Locator couldn't be simpler. First, find the Vendor you wish to visit:

Pate Swap Meet

Next, click on the "Location" link and the Location Map will be shown with the pushpin in place:

Pate Swap Meet

You can zoom in with the "+" and "-" buttons if you wish:

Pate Swap Meet

If you wish to know where you are currently located in the venue, simply click the "Location" button and a second pushpin (in blue) will show where you are standing:

Pate Swap Meet

The GPS location updates in near-real-time every few seconds and will follow you as you walk to the Vendor's location. Below is my systems test as recorded from the screen of my mobile device while at the Texas Motor Speedway:


Please note that the mobile-device GPS feature is enabled only when you are within a couple of hundred yards of the Pate Swap Meet venue.