Pate Times Online - Checkout Fields

Included in your order is a free listing in both the traditional printed edition of Pate Times as well as the new online edition of Pate Times Online. To populate your listing, we need a few basic details to instantiate the basic shell of your listing. Please note that all four fields are required! To collect the information, we are using the four fields shown on the order form. The four fields to populate are:

Primary selling/buying Interest (max of 60 characters) - provide a short description of your primary buying and selling interest at the Pate Swap Meet. This will serve as a headline banner for your listing. Don't worry about the limited space, you will have much more space in your Vendor Detail Page to explain more fully. This field serves as just a brief headline to catch users' attention.

Vendor Name (how do you want your space titled? - max of 50 characters) - lets us know how you want your listing titled in the directory. In almost all cases this should be your personal name, your company name or how your clients know you best. Don't be too abstract or people won't know it is you.

Product Classification (select best descriptor from dropdown menu below) - select the closest match of general classification that fits your interests. These are the same classifications that are shown in the traditional printed edition of Pate Times. In the online edition, this classification also serves as a gross sorting/filtering of the listings.

Summary (for the online version - provide a short description so visitors know more about you - max of 75 characters) - this summary expands on both your primary selling/buying interests and your name to give directory users a little more information about you. The general idea is to help inform the user and convince them to click on the "Read More" button to see your Vendor Detail Page where you can provide more in-depth information and pictures. This should only be a summary. Again, don't worry about being brief. You will have plenty of space in the Vendor Detail Page to explain more fully.

Please note that the four fields will be used to populate your initial Vendor Card in the directory. Please be accurate and fulsome with your initial entry but don't worry about getting it perfect. Once your listing has been created (instantly after Checkout), you can come back into Pate Times Online and edit the initially-supplied information at any time and as often as you wish. It is okay if your initial efforts only "rough-in" your listing. After the initial setup, many Vendors often take a bit of time to think about their listing, read the e-book (below) and come back into Pate Times Online and perfect their listing. That is why we give you unlimited editing abilities to edit your listing as often as you wish.

After Checkout or at any other time up to and including the Pate Swap Meet itself, you can edit your Vendor Card as well as populate your Vendor Details Page with up to four text blocks of up to 500 words each and add for full-width pictures.

For your use after Checkout and for information about how to get the most out of Pate Times Online, please download our 51-page e-book about the service.

Download Your Pate Times Online E-Book Here

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