Spaces Types

Spaces Available at the Pate Swap Meet

We have several types of spaces to meet the needs of our vendors.


Main Swap Meet Area

These spaces are the mainstay of the swap meet. Spaces in the Main Swap Meet Area are available in as corner spaces or adjoining spaces. All Vendor Spaces are approximately 9' x 18' but may vary slightly. Vendor Spaces typically can be renewed for the next year if reordered by a specified date. However, a few spaces may be available on a special one-year basis.


Big Lots Spaces

As the name implies, Big Lots Spaces are jumbo-sized for commercial vendors. Big Lots Spaces are approximately 25' x 100' and are available only to commercial vendors with prior approval.


Manufacturers Midway

A new type of space is available for the 2020 Pate Swap Meet called Manufacturers Midway. These types of spaces are for new parts only. Manufacturers Midway spaces are approximately 25' x 50' and are available only to commercial vendors with prior approval.


Car Corral

The Car Corral is a special place for showing or selling running, operational vehicles only. Special rules apply that include no parts, motor homes, R.Vs, buses or miscellaneous items.) Tents may be used during daylight hours only and must be removed at night. Car Corral spaces are available on a per-vehicle basis with a sticker displayed on the vehicle which cannot be transferred to another vehicle.