Personal Private Toilet Service

If you are a Pate Vendor and have rented a Personal Private Toilet for the Pate Swap Meet, you can request service and support here.

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Outstanding Vendor Support

Once you become a Pate Vendor, you will have access to our technical and creative support team.

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Outstanding Support ... Period!

Even if you are not (yet!) a Pate Vendor we're still ready to support you for any issue you might have.
Simply start a conversation.

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Need Telephone Support?

Call (817) 608-7293

The phone is answered during normal business hours. It is also equipped with a "Find Me" feature if we're out of the office.

My Account Page:

You have instant self-service at your fingertips for your User Account.

Many of the basic things about your PateOnline User Account can be performed any time you wish by going to your My Account page. If you are logged in, simply click on your username in the upper right-hand corner of any page on the site.

  • Set your Start Page
  • Update your Account Profile
  • Change e-mail preferences
  • Change your password
  • See all of your Conversations
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We know our stuff! Technical support is provided by the people who not only wrote the PateOnline system, we also developed the platform it runs on.

15 Years of Trust

We have served millions of online transactions from our platform; safely and securely. All with a impectible professionalism and incredible speed.

Technical Support is FREE

Technical support is always free and simply baked into our relationship with Pate Vendors and customers. We will support you.


We will work any issue until respolved. The system is monitored and alarmed 24x7x52. Problems are often solved even before they can be detected by end-users.

Real People

Standing behind PateOnline are real people; not just computers and networks. Like always, you are being served by real people using PateOnline to work more efficiently.

Fast & Friendly

We will promptly respond to all issues that arise, often after-hours and on weekends. We're friendly folks too; we actually like talking to people and solving problems!

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Our Process

Research & Ideate

Our features and functions begin with ideas. Often from our users as well being users ourselves. We then do our homework with old-fashion research BEFORE development.

Design & Iterate

Well-research ideas are then transformed into computer code and then testing. Then more code and more testing. We keep at it until it is just right.

Depoly & Support

When the system is "right," we will deploy it to our secure production platform. Then, we support the heck out of it. Support creates new ideas to do it better.


Outstanding Services

As builders, our objective is to build technical systems that "just work." All the time, every time. Without defect. Intuitive enough to use for complex tasks BUT not require hours of reading in a user manual.

Then, as operators, wrap the whole thing in a support system that makes you feel like family.

People often only think of "technical support" as addressing computer bugs and problems. If that were the case, we didn't do a very good job as builders. Instead, Technical Support should provide opportunities to help our clients apply our systems to their own uses and needs more quickly. We're almost always addressing more questions like, "How do I do this?" rather than "This function isn't working!"