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Terms That Describe Old Cars

The terms that describe old cars, on the surface, appear to be somewhat squishy.  The term often means something more-specific within the hobby to car collectors and car restorers but has a much more nebulous meaning among the general public. Such terms include:

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A common characteristic common among all of these types of cars is age; all of these cars can be described as "old cars."

Another characteristic common among all of the types of cars is that they are collectible; if in reasonably good shape, the cars themselves are collectible and even if in bad shape, often become "donor" cars for salvaging otherwise hard-to-find parts.

Another characteristic shared by these type of cars are monetary value; these cars are often worth more than their original new car price. In the case of well-restored examples, technically unique, rare and historic cars, often many times more. The original prices for the Ford Model A ranged from $385 for a roadster to US$1,400 for the top-of-the-line town car. Today, a well-restored version of that same roadster and easily bring $50,000 or more.

In fact, as is logical, as the value of cars increases, financial lenders and insurance companies who have to directly deal with the value of old cars often put more precision in the definition of a valuable car.