Attending the Pate Swap Meet

The Pate Experience

The mission of the Pate Swap Meet is to provide one of the leading transportation-related swap-meet events supporting the hobby of car collecting and restoration. We are a family-oriented event composed of car collectors, restorers and individuals interested in antique, vintage and collectible automobiles and motorcycles. We meet to buy, sell and swap complete automobiles or vintage parts used in restoration as well as transportation-related memorabilia.
The Pate Swap Meet association was organized in 1971 and conducted the first swap meet in 1972. We are composed of the 16 largest car clubs in Texas with over 2,000 members. Our 2021 event will be the 50th event in our 49th years of continuous operations.
The Pate Swap Meet is the largest swap meet of its type in the Southwest and the second largest in the United States.

The 2021 Pate Swap Meet will be the 50th event conducted since its first swap in 1972, 49 years ago. The Pate Swap Meet started at the ranch of Fort Worth oilman Mr. Aggie Pate at his Pate Transportation Museum. The swap-meet was officially renamed the “Pate Swap Meet” in his honor upon his passing. The Pate Swap Meet operated on his ranch until after his passing and his heirs sold the ranch. Within a short time, the Pate Swap Meet found its new home at the Texas Motor Speedway.

The very nature and size of the Pate Swap Meet are to be very “spread out”. Approximately 1,000 Pate Vendors rent our 8,500 Vendor Spaces which are staged on one of the largest outdoor paved parking lots in the country. The streets and avenues among the Vendor Spaces are wide and spacious. Our 8,500 spaces (no counting streets and avenues) aggregate over 1.5-million square feet and amount to over 16-miles of Vendor Space frontage.

Pate Swap Meet