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Videos of the Operations of the Vaccine Hub

Some of our extended Pate Family live outside of the DFW area and may not know about the scope and scale of the Vaccine Hub at Texas Motor Speedway. This is the reason we have temporarily moved the Pate Swap Meet. We have loaned the use of our traditional spot at TMS so the operations shown in the videos below can not only continue uninterrupted and at full capacity but possibly double in size as more vaccines become available.

Most of you may not know about the Denton County Vaccine Hub operating at the Texas Motor Speedway. The Hub is literally, the largest and most efficient Vaccine Hub in the world. Not only does Texas Motor Speedway have one of the largest paved parking lots in the world, but it also has a very large private road system (sufficient for 300,000 fans attending a NASCAR race) to efficiently move thousands of cars per hour through the property efficiently. 

Please note that these news stories are from the opening week of the Vaccine Hub. The figure of 30,000 doses administered in the first week is cited. The rate is now up to 10,000 per day, every day, for a five-day week. The pacing element is the availability of vaccines. As more vaccines become available, the Vaccine Hub at TMS can be scaled up to more lanes and, with daylight savings time here, the hub can operate for longer hours each day. It is possible that the number of doses administered could double.