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Select and Purchase in Real-Time.

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We make it easy. See your spaces, see what is available and place your order.

Browse All Available Vendor Spaces, Select Your and Purchase Online

New for the 2021 Pate Swap Meet: Online ordering and e-commerce. It is easy, safe and immediate. See all of the spaces still available. Pick your new spaces from a graphical map and see availabilities in real-time.

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All space purchasers are given immediate access to our new Pate Times Online and our online Pate Member Community for the latest information and support.

Want To Deal With a Traditional Human Registrar?
Nothing Changes. Call Us.

PateOnline is an ADDITION to our traditional Registrar; it does not replace a human.

As always, you can go through our Registrar to make your Vendor Spaces purchase. A live human will assist you in any way.

Also, if you wish to pay for your spaces by check, contact the Registrar for an offline order. Once contacted, the Registrar will use the system to process your Order immediately on your behalf so your spaces are secured online but add a time period for your check to be received in the mail. The Registrar will do all of the work for you. You will even get a copy of the offline Order in e-mail and it will instantly appear on your "My Account" page.

To further assist, even if you call our Registrar, you can still see the live real-time map outside of the e-commerce process. Have a look. It will help you during your call to see what is still left to purchase.

DOn't Want To USe E-commerce, You can Still See a Live Real-Time Map of All Spaces Still Available

What To Expect After Your Purchase?

The best of both worlds. You can select, configure and purchase your spaces online in just a few minutes. Live and real-time.

Or, as always, go through our Registrar. A live human to assist you in any way.

What To Expect Before and Afer Your Space Purchase

First-Time Vendor?
Review the Types of Spaces Available

The Pate has several different types of spaces tailored to your needs.

Review the Types of Spaces Available

We welcome first-time vendors! We have spaces we would love to put your name on.

Commercial Vendor Interested in Our
Big Lots or Manufacturers Midway Spaces?

Contact us for a prompt response from one of our commercial space representatives.

Contact a Commercial Space Representative

Our representative will let you know about space availabilities and book your space.


Easy, safe, secure and only take minutes.

The entire online process has been engineered to easy, safe, secure and quick for both ordering spaces for new vendors or for renewing last year's spaces held by our long-time returning vendors. 



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Our Space Sales E-commerce Process

Browse and Select Spaces

Use our interactive space map to see the spaces that are available now. Simply click to select your spaces in any configuration you wish. When satisfied, click one button to add all of your selected spaces to your shopping cart.

Add Other Items

Once your spaces have been added, review your order and add any other items to your cart such as private potties, Car Corral spaces or Pate Merchandise. While you are finishing your shopping, your spaces will bee reserved for you.

Check Out

When finished, simply check out. Your account information will be collected and your personal account set up for immediate use. Securely pay using a credit card or debt card and receive a detail receipt for your purchases.


The entire system has been designed to be easy and intitive to use by inexperienced end users without training or experience.


We use SSD-equipment multi-processor servers supported my multiple 10-Gbps connections. The codebase is optimized for performance.


All of our codebase is secure and hardended. We do NOT use a open-source CMS with their known security weakness and expxloits.

Fast & Friendly

All user interfaces are designed and optimized to be user friendly and natural. The resulting pages are aestically pleasing and friendly.


All technical systems are alarmed and monitored 24x7x52 by a professional Network Operations Center with engineers and technicans on duty.

50 Years of Trust

We have built a system that reflects the 49 years of trust the Pate Swap Meet has built with our Vendors. We take that trust seriously.

  • "I have been coming to the Pate every year for decades! I sell parts as well as buy from other Pate vendors."

    Main Swap Meet Area Vendor
  • "My wife and I use our vacation yo come to the Pate Swap Meet every year. "

    Main Swap Meet Area Vendor
  • "Friendly Texas people. I enjoy the parties as well a trading car parts. "

    Main Swap Meet Area Vendor

Have Questions or Want Discussion?

As always, we're available for any questions have or discussions you wish. Contact us. If you wish to speak to someone, just let us know in the Contact Us Form and leave a call-back number and a good time to reach you.

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