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The New Pate Website

As you can see if you are a returning visitor to pateswapmeet.com, we have a brand new website!

And, not just any new website with only a pretty face but an advanced state-of-the-art interactive platform that will take the Pate into the future.

Not hollow marketing-only words either; in this instance, state-of-the-art truly means state-of-the-art with a technical infrastructure operating on an advanced proprietary content management system that integrates into one seamless platform:

Site Design
Site Administration
User Management
Content Management
Forms Management
Contact Management
Membership Management
Community & Social Media
Calendaring & Scheduling
Commerce & Payments
Custom Workflow & Apps
Geospatial Information Systems

Everything is hosted on not one national cloud network but three clouds and wrapped in a common security model for protection.

Even with all the right technical toys, content is still king. Our platform is only a method of delivering creative content that our users find useful: good writing, photography, audio, and video all wrapped in high-end responsive designs that play equally well on smartphones, tablets, desktops or smart TVs. Our content is where we met our audience, not as a single monolith but as multiple constituencies. Our technical platform is faceted for the delivery of specialized content to multiple connected communities for various specialized Pate constituencies: public attendees, vendors, volunteers, car-club members, staff and leadership; some in open and public facets, some private and protected.

Also, our platform won't be just a one-way street. We will interact with our constituencies. As we go forward, more and more of our new applications will interact with our users.

The Pate Swap Meet has big plans for our new technology later in 2020. Stay tuned! We will be revealing more and more of our advanced functionality and much more content as we get closer to the 2020 event in October.

Our website and connected communities have been designed, programmed and operated by technical and creative teams led by Bill Anderton of Dallas, Texas, a senior technical architect of online systems and creative director with over 45 years of experience in the field. Bill also functions both as our webmaster and managing editor.

Filed under the category of "it's a small world," Bill is a native of Fort Worth and a 1968 honors graduate of Polytechnic High School. Fort Worth oilman, Mr. Aggie Pate, the namesake of the Pate Swap Meet, was a 1938 graduate of Polytechnic and hosted the Poly Class of '68 Senior Swim Party at his home. At the party, Bill was introduced to Mr. Pate by Bill's Texas History teacher, Mr. Joseph Clark who recommended that Mr. Pate (involved in many history-related activities) take an interest in an original photo exhibit Bill produced of early Fort Worth log cabins for the Tarrant County Historical Society as a class project for Mr. Clark's Texas History class. The exhibit was opening the following week but Bill was unable to attend due to a prior commitment to represent the Fort Worth ISD at a physics conference at the University of Texas at Austin occurring at the same time. At Mr. Clark's request, Bill was represented at the exhibit opening by Messrs. Clark and Pate.

Bill can be reached through our Contact-Us form.