Vendor Spaces

What to Expect Before and After Purchase

The heart and soul of the Pate Swap Meet are our Vendors. We promise to treat you accordingly.

Before Your Purchase

We offer two ways, equally effective, of buying your spaces at the Pate Swap Meet.

  1. Buy online with a credit card - Instant and immediate. Use our interactive real-time space selector to pick your spot and configure your spaces. Then checkout using a credit card and get a confirmed receipt on your screen and also e-mailed to you. As part of the process, the listing in the Pate Times Online is instant and available for adding your content. Our system is highly-secure and safe. It is also easy to use and only takes a couple of minutes to complete your transaction.
  2. Buy through our Registrar - Either give us a call or fill out and mail our paper form. Either way, a real live human is there to assist you. Our Registrar will complete your purchase using the same online system with all of the same features and functions. However, you benefit from having it chauffer-driven for you.  When your transaction is completed, our Registrar will e-mail the receipt to you or send it via the mail.

You can also mix-and-match. For example, use our real-time interactive maps to see what spaces are available and then call our Registrar to make your purchase. Our interactive maps are live and show all available spaces up to the second they are viewed. Hurry, though. Someone else could purchase your spot ahead of you.

Immediately After Your Purchase

Immediately after your purchase is complete and your e-mail receipt dispatched, you will also be sent via e-mail your Pate Vendor Introduction Kits in e-mail. The kit will include helpful information in the form of PDF files and links to the website such as:

  1. How to access the Pate Swap Meet Members Portal
  2. How to edit your Pate Times Online Vendor Card and Details Page
  3. How to purchase our optional advertising either in the printed version of Pate Times or Banner Ads in Pate Times Online.
  4. Vendor Rules

About a Month Before the Swap Meet

About a month before the Pate Swap Meet, we will mail out via the United States Postal Service (USPS) your Vendor Packet which contains all of the information your need including your access stickers for your cars.

During the Pate Swap Meeting

During the Pate Swap Meet, your Vendor Card is freely available and searchable either before the event or during the event. Your listings are also Google-friendly for indexing into the search engines. Further, our interactive Locator Map will show our smartphone-equipped visitors where they are in the venue and where you are located. It has never been easier for visitors to find you and buy from you. Then, after your visitor makes a purchase, you can order our Free Parts Hauling online without having to leave your space. All you need is a smartphone and the closest available Parts Hauler will be dispatched to your space.

Always ... After Becoming a Vendor

All Pate Swap Meet Vendors receive free access to our Members Portal. You can ask questions online, access editing for your Pate Times Online listings and start interactive conversations with us about questions or seek support, using our Single Sign-On System, the same username and password created during your initial e-commerce purchase will allow you access to the Members Portal and its features as well as anything else we do online.