Shoppers Information

April 25-27, 2024 

Phone Number: 817-396-5118

Public Access to the Swap Meet
Public Parking for the Pate Swap Meet is in the Texas Motor Speedway controlled main grass parking lot on the west side of the swap meet areas with entrance off of Victory Circle and Highway 114.  The Public Parking lot will be open 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Parking will be $10.00 per vehicle with no reentry provisions.  No camping or overnight RV parking is allowed in the Public Parking area.  Contact the Texas Motor Speedway website for their camping and RV accommodations availability during the swap meet.  No use of unauthorized motorized vehicles ( including Golf Carts)  is permitted in the Public Parking lot or the swapmeet area, except for handicap scooters as defined in the “Handicapped Access” paragraph below. Access to the Pate Swap Meet is free through Gates 3, 5 and 7.

Handicapped Access
Approved electric handicap scooters are welcome in the swap meet areas.   Electric mobility units (Three and four wheeled freestanding, electric scooters that are authorized by the federal government for access in public buildings) may be used at any time in the swap meet area.  This is limited to wheel chairs, 3 or 4 wheeled electric scooters and electrical power chairs are allowed.  Modified approved electric handicap scooters and those that are home built  ( including Golf Carts) are not allowed.  A single garden type trailer (size not exceeding 2 ft by 4 feet) is allowed to be towed behind a handicap scooter, but no multiple trailers.  Use of a handicap mobility unit is limited to the authorized operator only and riders are not allowed on the vehicle or any towed trailer. Handicapped Scooter rental is available; CALL 262.677.2697

. or click here to go to the Scooter web site

Vehicle Traffic
Driving within the Public Parking Lot at any time or by shoppers in the Swap Meet area is limited to the following:

a.    Five (5) miles per hour speed limit will be enforced.  
b.    Unauthorized shopper vehicles are: mini-bikes; skateboards; inline skates; private motorized carts; lawn tractors; lawn mowers; personal 2 wheeled scooters; motor bikes; motorcycles; powered or non-powered bicycles; 3 or 4 wheeled All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV); electric or gas powered golf carts; or any motorized transportation of any type other than the exceptions noted in “Handicapped Access” above.
c.    No motorized vehicle of any kind can be driven at any time within the grounds of the Texas Motor Speedway by anyone who does not possess a valid state driver’s license.

No sale, display or exhibition of firearms is permitted on the Texas Motor Speedway property. 

For safety of pets and the general public, pets are discouraged at the swap meet.  However. any pets present shall be kept on a leash no longer than six (6) feet at all times.  Owners are responsible for cleaning up after pets.

Information Booths
Information booths are positioned at gates 1 through 8.  Shoppers may pick up a printed copy of the Pate Times for their use as they enter the swap meet areas and request other information as needed.  Lost and missing persons and emergencies should be reported to Swap Meet Headquarters or to one of the information booths for assistance.

Free Parts Hauling Services
A parts hauling service is available for items purchased inside the swap meet areas that are heavy and/or bulky items.  Parts will be delivered free to the Public Parking Lot from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Instruction on using the Parts Hauling services is provided on the “Free Parts Hauling” page provided herein.

Food and Beverage Sales
No concessions or swap meet items may be sold in the Public Parking area.  No food or beverage may be sold in the swap meet areas except authorized by Texas Motor Speedway. The menus, location and hours of service for each of the Texas Motor Speedway approved concessions are listed on the “Food at Pate” page provided herein.  Locations of the concessions are identified by the boxed-in letter “C” on the “Zone Maps” pages provided herein.

Public Toilets
Public Toilets are available on the north side of Petty Ave near Gates 3 and 4 and at alternating ends of a cross street at the swap meet area fence lines.  Vendors rent toilets for their private use within their spaces and should not be used without their permission. 

If you need to ship the treasure you just purchased then you can use Fed Ex at

Fed Ex
World Wide Drive
Ft Worth Tx 76177
1 800-463-3339


Acceptance of parking constitutes your agreement to abide by our rules. Neither the Pate Swap Meet G.P. nor the Texas Motor Speedway will be responsible for damages, injuries or accidents during the swap meet.  The Pate Swap Meet and the Texas Motor Speedway officials reserve the right to reject and/or eject any person or firm they deem as undesirable for any reason.  The directors / officials actions and decisions are final.