Pate Times

Two Formats: Both a Printed Book and Online

All Pate Vendors Get Both Pate Times Listings

Pate Time now comes in two formats, the traditional printed book handed out FREE to all Pate Swap Meet Visitors and a totally new online version.

Pate Vendors do NOT have to choose which one to use; both are available to all Vendors and included in your space fee.

Pate Times

As always at Pate Swap Meet, Pate Times will be given away to all visitors to the swap meet.

Pate Times is a 8-1/2" x 11" saddle-stitched booklet with a 4-color cover that is a directory that contains Pate Vendor listings and other useful information.

Pate Times is the same booklet that Vendors and visitors to the Pate Swap Meet have loved and grown to depend upon. We're printing and distributing the same number of copies at the swap meet as always. 

Pate Times Online

The Pate Times, the beloved printed paper directory of the Pate Swap Meet, now has an online electronic younger sister! 

The new Pate Times Online will NOT be replacing its printed older brother. However, we have something new! The new online version embraces and extends the capabilities and coverage of the printed version and adds several new and exciting features.

Pate Times Online is the first of several new technical services being made available to Pate Vendors in 2020 through our new website. We're excited to provide these new services to you in order to enhance your experience at the Pate Swap Meet as a valued member of our Vendor community.

Pate Times Online Will Be Online Year-Round

Since Pate Times Online is web-based, we will be keeping the directory online year-round. In a normal year, your Pate Times Online listing will become active as soon as you purchase or renew your spaces for a Pate Swap Meet.

Each Pate Swap Meet Will Have Its Own Directory

Each Pate Swap Meet will have its own unique Pate Times Online directory denominated by its year. Two weeks after each Pate Swap Meet the Pate Times Online directory for that event will be locked for further editing but remain online and accessible. 

Listings Are Google-Friendly

Please note that all of the listings and their "Read More" details pages are Google-friendly for being discovered by GoogleBot and indexed in Google and other search engines once the directory is made public. Note the URLs used in the "Read More" details pages do not use abstract hard-to-read database coding but, instead, fully-declared readable words based on the name of the Vendor. This will help indexing in the search engines and, in turn, visitors to find pages. The user-friendly-URL feature is provided by the advanced technical nature of our content management system. Also, the same technology allows all pages to carry the proper metadata for search engine optimization (SEO) that will also aid indexing in the search engines.

Every Pate Vendor Gets A Listing

There is no additional charge for Pate Time Online listing itself (although there is a charge for any optional advertising you may purchase.) Your listing in Pate Times Online is included in your Pate Swap Meet space fee. Each vendor gets one Vendor Card and its linked "Read More" details page. The "Read More" details page has four text blocks of up to 500 characters each that you can use to describe yourself or the items you have for sale. The page also has four large full-column-width photos you can add to show yourself and/or your merchandise.

You Can Edit Your Listing As Often As You Wish

Pate Time Online allows Vendors to edit their own listings and is fully automated under an administrator's oversight. Pate Time Online also operates in real-time. Any edits made are visible to end-users instantly. Therefore, Vendors can edit their own lists as often as they wish and that includes during the swap meet itself. You can feature items you have for sale and when they sell during the swap meet, update your listing to feature other items for sale! Instant updates can include changing out the photos (just one or as many as you wish) as well.

Full-Text Searchable

All of the text in all of the listings and the "Read More" details pages are full-text searchable. This will help visitors find the items you have for sale. Therefore, be very descriptive in your text descriptions. The search feature will find your detailed descriptions when searched.

Want More Exposure? Ads Are Available

Each vendor gets one Vendor Card and one "Read More" details page sorted alphabetically by the name of the Vendor. However, do you want more exposure? Want to drive more traffic to your "Read More" details page and, in turn, to your Vendor Space at the swap meet? The right sidebar column on every page in the Pate Time Online directory is reserved for advertising banner ads. Advertisers can purchase as much advertising exposure as they wish. Pate Time Online has its own ad server in its content management system that randomly rotates banner ads throughout multiple premium advertising regions that are embedded on each page of the directory. Details of the advertising program will be announced on July 20, 2020, and will be available for use immediately upon Pate Times going public.

There Is a Locator Service

Since we know the spatial location of each Vendor, we have placed a link on each listing to our smart GIS (geospatial information system) map that will place a pushpin on the map at the exact location of your spaces. The map starts at a wide view of the whole venue to put your space(s) in context but can be seamlessly zoomed down to individual spaces. The pushpin will show visitors where you are located which is half the solution. For the remaining half of the solution, the Pate Locator Service uses the location-based GPS services on mobile devices to show the visitor where they are at the moment (on any smartphone or tablet that is GPS-enabled.) Simply click on the "Where Am I?" icon and a locator icon is placed on the map. This provides the visitor with information on where they are and where they are going. Finding you within the large Pate venue has never been easier.

You Can Request Parts Hauling From Within Your Listing

As a courtesy and service to you and your customer, either you or your customer can request the free Pate Parts Hauling Service directly from your Vendor Card without leaving your Vendor Space if you have a mobile device. The request can be made from within your Vendor Card. It only takes seconds.